TRAI to Adopt Blockchain Technology to Address Nuisance Calls and Texts

TRAI: Addressing Nuisance Calls with Blockchain

Telecom companies are starting to take a greater interest in blockchain technology. One company in particular that is making the most movement is India’s telecom company TRAI, also known as Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. TRAI recently issued a draft control stating its goal in using the new blockchain technology. Essentially, the technology may be able to provide a more “agile” procedure that will enable the company to handle spontaneous commercial communications, such as messages and calls that arise from “unscrupulous elements” that seem to bypass the current framework that is meant to manage the issues.

TRAI’s adoption of blockchain may enable it to generate conditions by which the telecommunications industry will be able to grow and flourish. Over time, the company may be able to promote India’s role in becoming a leader in the global information society. As TRAI states, the system may also be able to promote greater levels of fairness, transparency, and better policy for a more level playing field and robust and fair competition.

Those who are interested in reading the draft can do so by searching “Telcom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Regulations, 2018.” TRAI believes that a great deal of Indian subscribers will be able to learn from the draft and how to control voice calls, messages, and other information that they receive.

With the adoption of the new blockchain technology, TRAI may also be able to improve the acceptance of a distributed ledger technology, which will work to promote “regulatory compliance while allowing innovation I the market.” Further, the system will be cryptographically secure and alter-proof.

The regulations in place may also promote a regulatory “sandbox,” which enables the adoption of new technology for utilization of real-world situations. At the current level, TRAI’s chairman R.S> Sharma has expressed a positive attitude about the technology and its ability to promote a better method for dealing with calls and messages.

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