Transcendence Plans To Create A Platform For Developers And Investors, Including Apps To Earn Crypto

In order to survive in the cryptocurrency or blockchain industry, a project first has to find something that the industry needs, but they also must stand out. One new blockchain-based platform has decided to even the playing field for users and participants in the ecosystem, while providing multiple services. The project’s name is Transcendence, and they are still keeping everything open source and decentralized.

According to claims from Transcendence, they are completely compatible with AmiCloud, indieGO app store, and other existing systems. However, the point of the project is to create an open marketplace, allowing content creators to interact with the users. This communication is setup through a messaging service that is also decentralized, but it allows for private communication between the parties as well.

Transcendence already has a cryptocurrency – Telos Coin – and the company has already managed to form partnerships to offer the asset through eight operating systems. Presently, those systems include Windows, iOS, Mac, Android, Linux, AmigaOS, AROS, and morphOS. To further benefit users, the company has created an online wallet that eliminates the need for an offline wallet or to store private keys. Merchants have the option of joining TelosPay on their own websites as well.

During a video that explains all of the benefits, Transcendence comments on the way that the Telos Coin has been developed as a fork of PIVX technology. Continuing, the video says,

“Low energy consumption in comparison to other Proof of Work coins means Telos Coin offers an extremely low-cost entry point, which means there is a significantly reduced barrier to entry for users. Everyone can now enjoy the benefits and security of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.”

The whole infrastructure of this project is based on a “decentralized and democratic peer-to-peer model.” Transcendence follows the belief that decentralization prevents any single entity from disrupting the network, which ensures that funds stay safe and secure. To provide the user with the best experience, the platform also has a dashboard that lets the user check their balance and participate in sending and receiving coins.

The whitepaper for Transcendence reveals that there are many projects ahead, giving opportunities for the Telos coin to be used as the designated method of payment. One of the most notable projects is ProfitCycle, which requires that the user ride their bike to earn back the crypto asset. The distance and time spent riding is logged through the app, which features a navigation system, and shows them where to use the tokens.

Another option will be CryptoMages, a game that involves trading cards between users. There is a monthly online contest plan, and players will be categorized in a global ranking system. Despite earning digital rewards, players would have access to physical decks for the cards as well.

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