The crypto domain is currently the most exciting and promising area within the digital innovation sphere today. Services based within the blockchain have the potential to change the way global monetary transactions occur. However, with that being said, there are still quite a few security loopholes that need to be bolstered before platforms within the crypto network are adopted across the globe.

What Is TransitNet?

According to our research, we have found that CapLinked is an “enterprise software company” that has been in the digital domain for nearly a decade now. It primarily specialises in the development of technology that enables “secure data sharing”, as well as other modules that help secure sensitive data for everyday businesses. The company is the brainchild of Eric M. Jackson, who has previously served as the Head of Marketing for Paypal (US operations), as well as Christopher Grey (former senior private equity executive and managing director at a subsidiary of Emigrant Bank).

From a business standpoint, we can see that some of the core clients of CapLinked include giants such as

  • Roche
  • Ernst & Young
  • Hess,

Other names associated with the company include: KPMG, DaVita Healthcare Partners, and FTI Consulting.

The Digital Data Assets Protocol

In its basic essence, TransitNet™ can be thought of as an “open and unified blockchain framework” that has been created for two sole purposes:

In addition to this, TransitNet will also serve as a protocol that will be fully accessible via an API. Other core functions of this service include:

Data Monitoring:

Via the use of TransitNet, companies/ users will be able to actively track vital information that is essential during large transactions between two or more parties.

Facilitation Of Transactions:

Thought the use of this protocol, users will be able to conduct transactions related to finance, license issuance, mergers and acquisitions, asset sales, business development, manufacturing orders.

TransitNet Key Aspects To Keep In Mind


TransitNet can also be used to bolster key security areas such as those pertaining to areas of compliance, regulatory review, and audit.


As mentioned earlier, the core use of this technology is to help enable “automated tracking” on an immutable ledger. This not only makes financial dealings more transparent, but also allows for businesses to maximize their profits (and subsequently cut losses).

Why Choose TransitNet?

In recent months, it has become all to clear for people using the blockchain that large-scale transactions within this domain are full of risks and possible friction. While companies such as Ripple, IOTA have worked to address issues of payments and transfers within the crypto area, there are still many challenges pertaining to data security and control when it comes to blockchain based transactions.

This is where TransitNet comes in. It is a “decentralized protocol” whose sole aim is protect digital assets and permanently record data access. It has already been used by many companies, and has demonstrated the potential to enable large scale data transfer in a completely secure, safe manner.

From a statistical standpoint, we can see that TransitNet is currently being utilized by over 900 organizations in the transfer of highly sensitive, proprietary, and confidential information to outside parties.

Is There Anything Else I Should Know?


As mentioned earlier, TransitNet has the capacity to tackle “voluminous enterprise transactional needs”. This is achieved primarily through the use of a global distributed ledger.


The company offers all of its customers with a dAPP that has been designed to allow for full security and transparency when transferring digital assets to outside organizations.


In order to maintain complete privacy and security of our assets, the platform is able to encrypt our data with watermarks which allow for movement tracking, as well as “ undeniable proof of access”.

Utilization Of Nodes:

To further enhance safety and transfer speeds, TransitNet makes use of specialised nodes that help in seamless information exchange.

What’s So Special About The Blockchain?

According to the company's CTO (Arons Lee), “Blockchain, in its peer-to-peer, distributed nature, will offer a distinct set of benefits to the most urgent needs for secure enterprise file sharing. Blockchain's permanence and immutability means that there is very little risk that a malicious act or business failure will result in loss of data or manipulation. A distributed ledger brings process integrity to an ecosystem of stakeholders and prospective users who will be able to trust the technological backbone that is far more secure that any current cloud-based applications in existence.”

How Do I Get On Board With TransitNet?

To become part of this new venture, users have been asked to visit the official company website and follow the guidelines stated there. For any further details regarding this platform, customers can get in touch with company personnel either via email, or through their social media profiles.

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