Recycling your waste is an easy way that you can create a positive and highly beneficial impact on your immediate environment and the world at large. With the increased amounts of waste products that people create due to increased wealth, increasing population rates, new products and lifestyle changes, recycling has become even more critical to both us and the environment. Trashdation intends to fight the environmental damage all over the world in order to create a better environment and preserve the natural resources to be used by future generations. Read on below to find out more details of this ambitious recycling project.

What Is Trashdation All About?

Waste management and recycling is not a new topic, but thanks to the constant technological advancements, these critical processes are being done much faster. Trashdation plans on taking recycling a step further by increasing the efficiency of garbage recycling through using catalytic cracking and selective waste collection in situ. These two methods will double the current efficiency rates in traditional waste management facilities, thus helping to control the constantly increasing garbage problem across the globe.

A major challenge that hinders effective waste recycling is the wide diversity in composition of solid waste. Trashdation addresses this issue with their selection in site approbation, which is designed to not only boost recycle efficiency but also return much more valuable components. Furthermore, by using this recycling approach of selectively collecting highly toxic waste components like power supplies, batteries, and luminescent lamps, Trashdation could help in considerable reducing the overall compost toxicity.

The project has decided to use a customized token, the TRH or Trash Coin, of which 10 billion will be released. In addition to getting profits based on token shares in the company, investing in TRH token is also allows you to do your part in saving the planet. Like other blockchain based crypto tokens, investors will gain the benefits of transparency, including access to how the funds are used to realize the dream of the project.

What Is Trashdation’s Implementation Roadmap?

The first step for Trashdation in the journey to reducing pollution is to set up a small company initially that will handle the waste management. This company will initially receive small volumes of solid waste from surrounding businesses and enterprises, with payments being done with TRH. The next step will involve increasing the overall waste capacity by installing Trashdation cans in garbage collection sites.

In the final third stage, Trashdation will determine which recyclable materials have the highest level of profitability and organize how to maximize those profits. This stage will involve expanding the assets and production line to improve the value of TRH and the company as a whole. Ultimately, Trashdation’s plan is to build an efficient recycling to production cycle that will enable the creation of new products.

Trashdation ICO Details

  • Token Symbol: TRH
  • Token Sale Start: March 31, 2018
  • Total Supply: 10 Billion

Trashdation Conclusion

The cryptocurrency world has become quite popular for new startups seeking raise some initial capital funding. In the case of Trashdation, launching their idea in the traditional sense would not be financially profitable. This is because such waste management projects, despite their numerous benefits, are usually not attractive for either investors or the state. Hence, with their ICO launch, Trashdation will be able to get to market sooner, which is for the benefit of the environment and everyone in general.

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