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Industrialization has been known to benefit the society, as it betters the way we do many things. Unfortunately, in most cases, the opportunity cost is damage to the environment. With as much as 80 percent of forests cleared out, many have questioned the likes of wildlife, climate and possibly the effects it may have on consumers.

TreeChain Network plans to use blockchain technology and its Internet of Things (IoT) platform to help develop the environment by planting more trees. How does the team plan to do so? Are 11 billion trees over a timespan of 10 years reasonable? Let’s take a closer look at the project at hand.

What Is TreeChain Network?

TreeChain Network (TCN) is a platform that aims to connect several parts of the world through planting trees. The team behind the project believes that their smart tree network will help to establish a balanced ecosystem that is beneficial for both nature and humanity.

TreeChain Maps seem to one of several directions that will be implemented by the team, as the maps will be based off of blockchain and IoT. The plan goes as follows: trees will be planted with bio-chips inserted. Once the chips are activated, the information will be stored onto blockchain. This has been done to secure every inch of detail, including the tree’s location along with its type.

Treechain Network Blockchain IoT Tree Planting Project Features

It has also been revealed that TCN’s decentralized platform will help to preserve what nature has to hold. In addition to the use of blockchain and IoT, it appears that the team strongly values the use of BigData and Nanotechnology.

The TCN application, which is yet to be released, will contain the following features:

TreeChain Social Network

TreeChain Social Network is a decentralized social platform that will bring together TCN community members around the world into one platform. Apparently, it has been created as a way to connect its users, while rewarding them.

TreeChain Manager

The TreeChain Manager will focus on the data stored via the bio-chips. It will monitor and track the overall growth of trees, while creating an opportunity in which its users can give solutions as to how the goals in place can be accomplished.

TreeChain Exchange

The TreeChain Exchange is a decentralized application that will be used as a platform to trade the TREECOIN, which is an ERC20 token, along with other coins. Users will ultimately be able to buy, sell and hold their assets on the exchange, however, what types of tokens, besides its native token, it will support is yet to be revealed.

TreeChain Pay

As the name implies, the TreeChain Pay was created as a payment method, which will allow users to settle transactions whenever and wherever.

Treechain Network TNC Token ICO Details

The TREECOIN (TCN), based off of the Ethereum blockchain, has been created to support wallets, and exchanges. The token sale has been limited to a two-week period, which has commenced July 16 and will terminate July 31. The minimum amount one is obliged to invest is one ETH, which is equivalent to 10,000 TCN.

Based on their distribution of the funds raised, 40 percent will be devoted to price stabilization fund, 17, 15, 12, 10, 3 and 3 percent will be split among HR and Development, Marketing, Operations, Team, Legal & Financial and Advisors respectively.

Treechain Network Conclusion

The overall idea behind TreeChain Network is praise worthy, as it targets a growing concern in today’s society. However, there is a lot of areas in which the project needs work. For instance, the team members do not seem sound, as no information related to their experience in this respective field has been disclosed.

Second, while planting trees will benefit nature and humans altogether, the team has not considered the outcomes of natural disasters and what measures it will be take in the event that a planted tree does not last. By the end of this year, the team plans to plant a total of 400 trees across 28 countries, which will be interesting to see.

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