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Due to the boom that we are currently seeing in the crypto world, here has been a sharp increase in the demand for novel cryptocurrencies. Statistically speaking, studies have shown that there is currently a spread of 10%-70% on cryptocurrencies in emerging markets like Africa, Asia. However, due to a lack of infrastructure and expensive rates/fees, these markets are not able to make full use of the crypto boom.

About Trender Foundation TrenderCoin

Trender Foundation Trendercoin is an all new ‘ethereum-based token’ that has the potential to help users trade a variety of cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, ethereum and other major digital assets. All of the transactions are executed at highly reasonable rates and do not charge exorbitant fees like regular banks tend to.

Additionally, Trendercoin comes with the added benefit that it can be purchased via the use of local currencies, and then subsequently used for trading or even buying other crypto assets. This will give growing economies a boost and provide them with access to the cryptoworld ( owing to its low spread of 1% to 1.5%.).

Lastly, analysts who have been employed by the company predict that with the launch of the Trendercoin exchange, the value of a single Trendercoin will increase exponentially.

Trender Foundation ICO Details

According to data procured from the official company website, there will be a total supply of 1000,000,000 TDC tokens, out of which 550,000,000 TDC will be made available for regular purchase. In terms of pricing, 1 ETH works out to around 30,000TDC.

Additionally, a minimum order of 0.1ETH is needed to qualify for investment. Lastly, there is a soft cap of 5,000 ETH and hard cap of 15,500 ETH in place for all potential investors.

Is Trender Foundation Trendercoin Being Used in Any Upcoming Projects?

Trender Foundation aims to introduce projects that can enable the use of this currency on a global scale. The platform is aimed at millennials and uses advanced integration features that allow for seamless platform exchange. The population of millennials globally is going to be 7.7 Billion by 2020.

Some of the Proposed Trender Foundation Projects

(i) Fiat and SMS Payment Integration:

This platform will have the capability to enable the ‘sending and receiving’ of trendercoin via the use of text messages. As a result of this, users will have the option to make trades even without any internet access(making it easier for people to invest in crypto in lesser developed nations).

(ii) Energy Infrastructure Integration:

This project aims to bridge the gap between energy companies and investors by enabling them with easy access to power their daily lives. The problem of power and electricity is still rampant in Asia and Africa. Infact, nearly 24% households in rural India still experience massive power outages.

(iii) Music Streaming and Events App:

The company is going to be releasing ‘’, a decentralized music application that comes with features like music streaming, tickets distribution, event search etc. The program is based on the Eth blockchain and charges no platform fee. Lastly, event owners, artists have full control over raised funds.

(iv) Decentralized Power Project:

This is another initiative that is on the books. This platform aims to help bring renewable energy to blockchain via the use of P2P renewable power investments and trades.

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