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The cryptocurrencies market has gained rapid popularity over the past few years and is estimated to continue growing. The increase in demand has resulted in many people flocking into the crypto market without the proper guidance, making bad decisions and losing their money. Trends was set up to provide quality advice to new and seasoned digital currency traders to ensure they profit from their investments.

What Is Trends?

Trends is a decentralized trading analysis platform that is built to offer users the largest cryptocurrency information platform that will enable them to maximize their opportunity of making a profit. It is created to provide expert advice to users so that they become like real analysts capable of making wise investment decisions.

It seeks to make information on how to effectively trade available to people of all ages and background. The platform has technical analysts who offer guidance and direction on trading positions to maximize chances for profit. It also has educational tools that users can access to boost their understanding about cryptocurrency trading and the new opportunities cropping up around it.

How Trends Community For Trading Analysis Works

A user registers with the platform and has their account created. Users are free to customize their investment profile with pre-set options that allow them to define the kind of information they want to receive.

Trends Project Features

A user’s investment profile is personalized according to their preference on the following matters:

  • Preferred Holding Approach: either long-term or short-term holdings.
  • Risk-Taking: either invest in rather ‘safe’ coins characterized by minimal and slower growth or more volatile coins which swing daily and have rapid growth.
  • Favorite Coins: Users will get customized advice depending on their specified coins taking into account their investment profile preferences.
  • Professional Technical Analysis Alert (PTAA): Trends has partnered with the world’s best analysts with proven track records and profits to offer advice to its platform users.

Trends Project TRND Token & ICO Details

The tokens will allow for users to be categorized into tiers according to the number of tokens they hold. As a user’s trading skills improve, they can buy more tokens to gain entry into the next tier. Each upper tier has more advanced trading educational material than the previous tier. The tier system will ensure there are no pumping and dumping of coins which will provide market stability.

The TRND tokens are based on the ERC-20 technical standard tokens. They will be used as a payment method on the platform such as to subscribe to specific analysts.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Name: TRND
  • Round Target: 1560 ETH
  • Exchange: 1 TRND = 0.0003235 ETH
  • Trends Total Supply: 100 Million TRND


  • 1st Round begins on 1st July 2018 to 15th July 2018.
  • 2nd Round begins on 16th July 2018 to 31st July 2018.


  • Set to begin on 15th August 2018 to 3rd October 2018.

Token Distribution

  • Main Sale – 75 Million
  • Partnerships and Exchanges Reserve – 7.5 Million
  • Private Sale – 5 Million
  • Pre-ICO – 5 Million
  • Founders Share – 5 Million
  • Airdrops/Bounties – 2.5 Million

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