The utility sector has had customer-centric innovations over the years. The use of blockchain technology hopes to make the payment of utility bills even easier.

What Is Treon?

Treon is an Ethereum blockchain based token and e-wallet targeting the utility market. The utility token allows consumers around the globe to easily pay and manage their telecom, water, and energy usage. The platform aims to capture telecom, energy, electricity, and natural gas transactions worth more than $7.5 billion by 2023.

The use of the platform by providers will allow for cost efficiency and increased profitability while giving consumers increased control over their usage. It also allows for increased financial inclusion and convenience for the customer. Treon will make the payment of utility bills a convenient one-click experience.

Treon will provide an exciting and value-added service that will simplify the management and payment process. The utility token has a consolidated dashboard where consumers will be updated on their consumption on the screen. With a one-click process, customers can pay their bills instantly using Treon tokens (TXO), other digital coins or using fiat currencies.

When customers pay using TXO, they get loyalty points as a form of reward and they can redeem the points for their preferred consumption units.

Treon Blockchain Utility Bill Payments Coin Advantages

Improves The Life Of The Consumer

Consumers will no longer need to queue to pay their utility bills. They can do so with one click thanks to the Treon platform. The platform also makes it easier for the unbanked to pay their bills without the need for them to have bank accounts. The platform has a consolidated dashboard that provides the customers with smart notifications on their service status. Additionally, consumers get to earn rewards in form of TXO when they use green energy.

Transforming The Utility Environment

The use of blockchain technology eliminates the need for intermediaries that will result in 80% savings on transaction fees for bill payment. Treon will allow for trade relationship agreements between energy providers and encourage industry participation.

The platform will allow for digitalized cross-trade agreements on the blockchain. The platform will also improve operating costs that will result in savings. The platform provides a faster and more efficient cross-trade settlement tool.

Treon TXO Token ICO Details

The token sale event allows investors to receive TXO tokens. Treon hopes to bring in a large number of users into the crypto space by connecting billions of customers to the blockchain. The aim of the platform is to reach a point in the near future where the majority of the global customers in the market use the TXO token as their currency of choice and as a means of paying their bills. This will increase the demand for the TXO tokens.

The TXO tokens are more secure and cheaper to operate and use. They will be used to top up and recharge customer accounts. They will also be used as a form of payment for utility bills on the Treon network. The ICO pre-sale date will be from 21st May to 17th June 2018. The minimum investment expected from any investor is 0.1 ETH. The total tokens available are 281.8 million tokens and 118.2 million tokens will be available during the public sale.

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