Trevi Token TT ICO Review

Ever wondered where your money has gone to two weeks after you have been paid? Well, most people have. However, thanks to the blockchain technology, this will soon come to end. The emergence of Trevilabs ico seeks to address the problem facing a lot of people when it comes to savings discipline. This is a smart contract backed personal savings application.

About Trevilabs

Trevi addresses the real problem behind why over 69% of Americans live from pay check to pay check. They have 0% savings should an emergency rise. This is a clear sign of lack of discipline when it comes to savings. Companies have come up with various means to solve this problem, but it has never been 10% successful. With the fold of each year, the number of Americans who have not saved as per their intended goals grows, despite the available solutions to improve a savings culture.

This is where Trevi comes in. It believes to solve the current saving problem facing Americans, the true problem has to be unmasked. It is simple and easy to put money aside in a savings account, however, it is extremely difficult for most people to keep it there. It is even more challenging to make consistent deposits and grow savings.

Trevi employs smart contract technology that lets its users set specific parameters on how they can access their deposited funds. Accounts at Trevi are FDIC insured and are backed by BBVA Compass Bank.

One can decide to withdraw funds on a schedule, a given date, or when they have reached the specific saving goal amount. Users can set several goals and choose rules that are in line with their goals. These goals can be shared with family, friends, or groups.

With Trevi, you are able to protect yourself from impulse buying through blocking Trevi account withdrawals until you achieve your set goals. If you will need regular withdrawals, you can also create custom withdrawal schedules on your Trevi app.

Furthermore, you can customize your goals. This can be done by selecting to round up change, choose a dollar figure, or choose a percentage amount every time you buy something in your bank account. Then, divide transfers among your Trevi goals. For thoughtless buys, have higher transfers, and less transfers for purchases that are responsible.

Trevilabs Crowdsale Details

  • Token: TT
  • Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
  • Crowdsale Begins on: 1/29/2018
  • Crowdsale Ends On: 2/11/2018
  • Crowdsale Price: 1 TT = 1 USD
  • Initial Coin Offering Hard Cap: 4,000,000 USD

Team Behind Trevi Token TT ICO

  • Andrew J. Chapin (Founder, Benja and benjaCoin)
  • Saf Elmansour (CMO)
  • Miriam Jones (CEO)
  • Tommy Goode (CTO)
  • Michael Carian (CCO)

Budgeting and saving consume a lot of time. In addition, they need mental planning. A lot of middle class Americans do not have time for that, with some of them barely able to see their families because of the many jobs they juggle to sustain them.

Trevi is an excellent platform that lets you put aside funds without worrying about surprise overdrafts, debits, frivolous purchases, or fees that pull you back.

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