Trial Token

Trial Funds, the company that we will review today, is a very interesting new company which has designed a platform to bring together the people who want funds to enter in judicial actions and the people who have the money for it.

What Is Trial Funds?

Everybody knows how expensive it is to use the judicial system in most countries, like the United States, for instance. The fees of the lawyers can be very expensive and sometimes you do not have the necessary money to make sure that you will be able to go until the end of a lawsuit.

Companies like Trial Funds have appeared to solve this kind of problem. Trial Token is the first crowd sourced litigation funding company which uses the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. The biggest goal of Trial Funds is to stop cases never making to court because of the high litigation cost.

By using smart contracts and the Ethereum blockchain, Trial Funds intend to reunite people with a problem to people with solutions. If one party needs money and the other has it, why not work together? By using a matching system, the company matches these people and the end result is profitable for both parties: one goes to court and the other one has a nice return on investment.

The company believes that lawsuits can be a good way to earn money, just like real estate and precious metals are. Many poor people actually lose the chance to see justice being done and to get their rightful money because they can never go to court even if they have a good case. Because of this, this company was founded to help this people while helping the investors.

With the help of technology, now it is completely possible to use a company like Trial Funds to make your dreams come true in court.

This company was created by Patrick Dunn, which is an expert in the financial industry and has experience with lawsuit cases.

How Does Trial Funds Society Plaintiffs Litigation Financing Work?

Basically, you have to submit your case to the company and then it will be reviewed by Trial Funds. The company will choose only the cases with a high likelihood to win. Unfortunately, the company is not making charity, so it can only help people in the cases that there is a considerable chance that the cases would be profitable.

After the case has been accepted by the company, people who would the platform would be able to crowdfund the costs of the litigation process. Their reward would be a share of the money that the person would win (and the investment would be lost if the people lose. That is why Trial Funds only accepts cases which are likely to win).

The company is after commercial case types like debt collection, arbitration, probate, non-compete disputes, investment suits, anti-trust suits, business torts, breach of contract, intellectual property suits and many other cases like these ones.

Trial Tokens will be the name of the tokens using by Trial Funds. The Trial Tokens are Ethereum-based ERC20 tokens. They will be used to pay for services on the platform and investors will be paid with these tokens.

Trial Token TT ICO Details

If you think that Trial Funds is an interesting company, you can invest in it by buying Trial Tokens. The tokens are already available during the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of the company. The sale is during the pre-sale phase and you will be able to buy 20,000 Trial Tokens with 1 ETH. The main sale will begin on March 10 and the price per token will be higher.

You can only buy tokens using Ethereum, so be sure to have an Ethereum wallet before you decide to invest in Trial Funds.

Trial Funds Verdict

Is Trial Funds an interesting company for you? Well, only you can answer that, but we can be sure that Trial Funds has a very interesting idea and that you will be able to get a nice return on investment if you decide to invest in this company.

Why? Because Trial Funds is targeting an unexplored niche which can be very profitable to exploit: the legal system and its costly processes of litigation. You do not need to be afraid of investing in Trial Funds. Everything on the company’s page leads us to believe that this is a legitimate company and that you can get a good return on investment by using it or investing in it.

Our blog definitely recommends you to at least take a closer look at Trial Funds and to discover if this is not really a good investment for you.

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