Trident Crypto Index Fund

The rapid rise in popularity of cryptocurrencies has spurred a whole new industry. Although many reputed companies have risen, there has been instances of scams who have taken advantage of the unfamiliarity of the space and the vulnerability of the people looking to make a quick buck.

Trident Crypto Fund seems to be another scam camouflaged to be an investment fund.

About Trident Crypto Fund Review

Trident Crypto Fund claims to be a crypto index investment fund who invest solely in the top 10 underlying crypto assets. They base their blueprint on Crypto Index strategy. They even say that Trident's index got more than 1400% returns in 2017 when Bitcoin’s return was 800%.

Their investment process is in three steps, project evaluation, team evaluation and monitoring. However, they fail to describe these points and the details given in the description doesn’t even scrape through the topics. There is a section about Trident Crypto Funds referral program, but they fail to give any details about it. The company says that there are 150 reasons to invest with them, however, they fail to list even a single one.

They say that they are a new era of investment in the crypto index fund and that investors can get daily profits but fail to mention anything about the fund or how those profits will be generated.

Is Trident Crypto Index Fund a Scam?

When you come across a new product in the cryptosphere, always look for these basic red flags to trigger you about the authenticity of the site:


No one wants to hide the people who are running the business as a good owner is half the sales pitch. In this case, there were no details about the owner or any of the team is given.

Domain registration:

Checking the details about the domain gives you additional information about the legitimacy of the company. Trident Crypto Fund has masked the name of the owner but their site is registered in Panama, a well known safe haven for companies.

Business Model:

Any good company will have a clear business model. If no or few details about the working of the company are found or if the offerings are too good to be true, chances are you are looking at a scam. If you look at the methodology of their investment strategy, you will just find incoherent ramblings about the stock market which has little to do with cryptocurrencies.

User interface and Content:

Reputed and serious companies have a good looking and easy to navigate user interface. The content on the site will generally be free of errors and precise. Trident Crypto Fund’s account is plagued with typing errors and bad website designs.

Trident Crypto Fund Conclusion

Investment funds are always vulnerable to being scams, not only in the cryptosphere but also in stock and bond markets. They have the advantage of being discreet with their investment portfolios. Trident Crypto Fund seems to be playing the same age-old trick.

If you want to know more about the company to make a judgment call for yourself you can log on to their website

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  1. Thank you for your review about Trident Index Fund. but its with half information. because you didn’t complete signup process and just checked our home page only. kindly make a free sign up in our website and than you will get all answers of your queries.

    Thank you
    Trident crypto fund team


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