Email marketing is fast becoming a successful marketing strategy employed by many businesses to attract customers into their products or services. With the advancement of technology, drawing customers to your business wares is now more natural and much more efficient. The use of email as a marketing approach is often seen as a useful tool but with a simple yet powerful message that could stir the consumers into buying from your business.

However, not everyone has the negotiating skills to flood their customers with email proposals. If you are a business person, email marketing is at times stressful, but luckily technology is set to make it easier for us with the introduction of artificial intelligence. Here's how blockchain technology wants to manage your Email marketing strategies.

What Is Triggmine?

Triggmine is an artificial intelligence system that will facilitate email marketing solution based on blockchain technology. The platform will enable entrepreneurs to run their email marketing campaigns by utilizing the AI-driven system and smart contracts which will guarantee fulfilled expectations. Triggmine’s implementation of AI will work to ensure the email marketing leads are efficient to generate leads through criteria to personalize the email campaigns and blast them automatically.

Triggmine Features

  • Automatic email campaigns- Triggmine presents a whole new level of reaching to clients by providing entrepreneurs with an automatic AI system that creates your drive in just one click.
  • Templates library- over 150 email templates to choose from and send to your customers.
  • Smart Contracts- the use of this blockchain technology ensures there is security and guarantee when it comes to who takes responsibility for the user’s business results.
  • Master nodes- allow for the creation and execution of the smart contracts within the platform.

How Triggmine For AI Smart Contract Email Marketing Works

The first function after the registration is to pre-order an access key that grants you access to Triggmine’s services. That will need you to purchase the Triggmine Coin (TRG) to perform any function on the platform. Once done, you can set up the email campaign by starting off with the AI-based tools. Here you will fill our several queries regarding your business.

Once with the information, Triggmine will use the AI software to perform a series of background checks to ensure optimal offers for each of their users. That will be done by choosing an appropriate email template, subject line, and content. If you are satisfied with the quality, you can send out the campaign or create a sequence to send them out.

Triggmine Advantages

  • Customer Insight
  • Ease of Use
  • Email content optimization
  • Increased Return on investment
  • Less pricey marketing automation program
  • Increased lead generation
  • Less routine functions
  • Increase in number of open rates

Triggmine Conclusion

While email marketing on our online systems seems compelling, the marketing campaigns have little to show off regarding results. And although they can personalize your email campaigns, there is the need for a platform that can analyze a high volume of data. Triggmine use of blockchain technology by functioning on the neutral and decentralized network that will enable it to personalize the email campaign.

As such, the blockchain technology is helping Triggmine meet the expectations where AI-based applications have failed. While I would presume Triggmine’s overall role in the industry will be negligible, the use of AI in email marketing will undoubtedly change careers.

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