is a blockchain-based e-commerce platform that aims to provide merchants, suppliers, and customers with being an efficient channel to conduct business safely and conveniently. Traders get the opportunity to sell through the Trimpo service marketplace, and customers have the chance to access the associated services. The original platform already provides for a merchant platform where users can manage and sell their products through different online marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon and social networks namely VK and Yandex

What's On Offer With Trimpo? will provide for the following set of services involving both merchants and potential customers.

  • Tools and resources a merchant needs to have to start selling to the e-commerce marketplaces
  • Integration of merchant services with social networking platforms and messengers
  • Supplies get a ready-made marketplace from where they can directly access the customers through the merchants
  • The Trimpo market will allow for customers to buy products from multiple merchants regardless of their location
  • A Content Management System that facilitates a one-click integration of your details
  • Data exporting capabilities for the CPC/PPC
  • The Trimpo BigData portal allows for detailed analytics on rising e-commerce trends.

How Trimpo Online Shopping Ecom Business Blockchain Coin Works

Users would first have to get a trading account depending on their category. For the merchants, they would get to list their commodities, indicate the sales conditions, and interact with customers through the messages and feedbacks. Customers looking to buy will first have to purchase the Trimpo Token, which is the ecosystem's native currency. The digital currency will go into purchasing items which the Trimpo marketplace, paying for fees and access the supplies price lists

Trimpo Benefits

  • The growth of e-commerce- with the world becoming connected, Trimpo hopes to provide for an alternative e-commerce system and eventually make a share out of the market
  • Cost reduction- through cryptocurrency, Trimpo Marketplace dramatically reduces the number of fees by third-party intermediaries in use with traditional sites
  • The borderless structure allows for traders and customers from across the globe to buy and sell, thus achieving trade globalization
  • Provision of analytics by the Trimpo BigData portal provides informational insights for the merchants on any product
  • Competitive pricing- with multiple merchants on the Trimpo marketplace, customers get the option to choose the best value for their money
  • Revenue opportunities for the customers under the CPA and CPC programs


Trimpo Token ICO Details


Starts on 15th May 2018, till 12 June 2018

  • Soft Cap 2000 ETH
  • Hard Cap- 5000 ETH

Main ICO Sale

Starts on 22nd June 2018 till 31 August 2018

  • Hard Cap- 125 000 ETH
  • Soft Cap- 30 000 ETH


  • Token- TRIMPO
  • Model- ERC20
  • Price- 1 TRIMPO= 1/400 ETH
  • Accepts-ETH,
  • Total supply-500 million TRIMPO
  • The amount of distribution-
  • Hard Cap
  • Soft cap
  • Purchase requirements- 1 TRIMPO token or 0.0025 ETH
  • Restrictions- No

ICO Funds Distribution

  • Marketplace development- 30%
  • Marketing and sales- 30%
  • Customer support- 15%
  • Partnerships- 10%
  • Administration- 5%
  • Legal fees- 4%
  • Expenses- 6%

Is Trimpo a Reasonable Project?

With already up and running, the Trimpo ICO project looks like a legitimate contender in the world of e-commerce. However, a significant point of concern lies with the development team since it seems smaller for such an impactful project. Overall Trimpo's concept has a solid background and could ultimately turn out to become impactful in the future.

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