Trinity Mining Remains Silent About Ownership, Leading Some to Believe It Is a Ponzi Scheme

Trinity Mining has been registered on its website’s domain since February 2018, but it is still quite elusive. So far, the website and the company has not demonstrated exactly who oversees the business in any capacity. There is an address located in Panama on the website, but it is virtual and is not assigned to a specific person.

To add to the concerning information about Trinity Mining, it does not even look like there is a product or service they offer. Instead, the only option is to provide membership, which can be acquired from another member. By becoming an affiliate, it seems that users are promised the potential of receiving annual ROI. There are several levels of this membership, including:

  • Bronze, which requires a $500 to $1000 investment, and offers a 230% annual ROI
  • Silver, which requires a $2500 investment or more, and offers a 250% annual ROI
  • Gold, which requires a $5000 investment or more, and offers a 275% annual ROI
  • Platinum, which requires a $10,000 investment or more, and offers a 325% annual ROI

The ROI amounts indicated are specifically deposited to the back offices of affiliates. If an affiliate decides to take out funds before they are supposed to, they are subject to fees of up to 10%.

Referrals also earn a commission, based on their place in the team’s hierarchy, which is exactly what a pyramid scheme is. As the affiliate convinces others to join their team, the links continue, and the rewards go up. At level 1, the commission is 20% for a standard investment, while the commission goes up to 35% for anyone that invests over $1,000,000. However, based on the details on the website, it is hard to tell if the affiliate receives a credit or a payment for commissions. Membership is free for the lowest tier of affiliate, but there is a $500 minimum investment for anyone that wants to be able to earn more than just a commission on referrals.

At this point, even though they claim to mine Bitcoin, Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Zcash, there is no proof of any truth to it. The only clear source of revenue for Trinity Mining at all is through the investments that they make off of affiliates, which makes it a Ponzi scheme. Lack of disclosure of the owners or the people that run it, the withdrawal feels, and almost every other detail about this company makes it risky for users. The only benefit seems to be the ability to transfer cryptocurrency between users, which has almost no cost.

For any investor, if there is a company, MLM or otherwise, that does not show who is running it, be careful about transferring any funds.

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  1. Look up the name John DeMarr. Stole millions of $ from B2G investors and fled the county. Now he’s back in Florida helping this company, Trinity, along with Willeum who was associated with John before he ran. DO NOT invest a penny into this company, please!


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