Tripago ICO

Today we are going to review a company of the travel industry called Tripago. No, it was not a typo. We are not going to talk about Trivago today, but Tripago, a blockchain company focused on the travel and hotel industry which has probably the least original name ever.

What Is Tripago?

Tripago is a startup company which has been planning the launch of an online decentralized travel platform built on the Ethereum network. The company’s mission is to solve the travel needs of its clients in the same platform.

If you need free wifi, real time booking, international cards, restaurants reservations and all that, you will be able to access all of these services on the platform and pay them together, which will not only offer the solutions when you really need them but also centralizes them all into a single site, which can make things considerably easier for the client.

Tripago is already looking for partners all over the world to offer good fares and options for its clients, so they can travel anywhere in still use the service, which will be powered by the Tripago tokens and the Tripago Privilege Card. The company states that it will have loyalty programs and that the customers will be able to receive rewards (like free trips) and tokens by using it.

What Is The Tripago Privilege Card?

This card will be your way to spend your Tripago tokens whenever you are not online. You will be free to purchase many services on your computer or your phone, but sometimes you have to pay offline and that is when the Tripago Privilege Card can be useful for you.

Tripago Privilege Cards will exist in the Platinum, Gold and Silver versions and you will be able to use them anywhere in the world or to withdraw money in any ATM. They are MasterCard cards.

How To Invest In Tripago?

You can buy the TPG tokens which will be the currency in the Tripago platform. The total supply of Tripago tokens is 1,000,000,000 tokens and 400,000,000 (40%) will be on the sale. 11.750.000 tokens will be distributed via airdrops.

The pre-sale has already started and you can currently buy 16,000 TPG tokens for 1 ETH (using ETH, BTC, LTC and BCH). During the ICO, you can buy 12,000 TPG tokens with the same quantity of ETH.

Tripago ICO Conclusion

Despite the name, Tripago is not so bad. The company does have a platform that can at least be useful, but we urge you not to trust it too much. The name already is a proof that this company is more interested in getting clients from other companies and a billion tokens is a lot of tokens, so they will probably not be worth very much. Consider this a bad investment.

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