Triple Alpha

With the growth of the crypto industry, there has been a significant rise in the number of trading softwares that have come up. While many of these platforms are useful, it should be understood that these tools are prone to making mistakes as well. All of the program data that is fed into these softwares has the tendency to become irrelevant quite quickly. This is the reason why many people who use such platforms make huge profits for a period of 2-4 months, and then suddenly end up losing a lot of money.

What Is Triple Alpha?

Triple Alpha is an all new crypto platform that has been designed to help customers get “high value returns”. It uses mathematical algorithms that are not only relevant, but makes use of data sets that are gathered using advanced filters. According to the official company website, the goal of Triple Alpha is to “democratize the asset management industry, as well as make trading possible for a wider audience”.

Why Triple Alpha?

The company claims to make use of years of research that has led them to create certain ‘algorithms and data flowcharts’ that not only allow for smarter trading, but also minimize our losses. They also claim to make use of advanced security protocols that were previously available only to clients of hedge funds. Lastly, through using their algorithms, individuals can reap benefits such as:

  • Ideal stock selection at any given time.
  • Stable portfolio in terms of risk and return.
  • Unique market-neutral strategy that allows Triple Alpha to obtain ‘higher returns’ than the market average

Triple Alpha Advantages

Some of the key aspects of Triple Alpha that make it stand out include:

High Product Availability:

Since the platform is based on the blockchain, any investor from any part of the world can gain access to the company’s exchange-traded fund (ETF).

Good Returns:

As mentioned earlier, this platform makes use of ‘Advanced Algorithms’ which the company claims to help yield significantly higher returns than fixed-income instruments such as eurobonds, government and municipal bonds.

Allows For Investment Diversification:

Through the use of this trading platform, users are allowed to receive decent returns even during phases of market decline.

Little To No Fee Involved:

All of the services that have been mentioned previously are all delivered to customers for a highly nominal amount. The fee that is charged is almost negligible when compared to hedge funds.

Automated Decision Making System:

Owing to the fact that this software makes use of an ‘automated algorithm’, it is able to minimize/reduce the ‘human risk factor’ that tends to play a large role in the decision making ability of a lot of humans. When we eliminate the emotional aspect of spending from the trade market, returns are usually better and more risk free.

Triple Alpha ICO Details

Triple Alpha is currently holding a token sale which is scheduled to end on the 26th of this month. The fixed value of one token during the PRE-ICO is $0.5 and ICO is $1.0.

The symbol that will be used to denote the token is TRIA. In all, there will be a total of 11,000,000 (Eleven millions) TRIA’s that will be made available for purchase. The company has also mentioned that all unsold tokens will be destroyed by them.

Who Is Behind Triple Alpha?

Triple Alpha is the brainchild of Ilya Filippov and Samit Yakovlev. Ilya is an Economics graduate, with a specialization in Mathematical Economics. His professional experience includes working for seven years as a specialist on quantitative models that were used to predict stock and fixed-income markets. Samit has been an asset manager for more than 20 years now. He is also the Founder and Managing Partner of startups such as Marcuard Spectrum, Inventum Group, AlgoMost and ArtQaunt

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