Trisent Review: Is this the future of personal data management?

The growing interest in personal data has unraveled the information as one of the most valuable resources within our modern contemporary. From potential hackers, organizations and even governments, every entity want to get a hold of the typical user personal data.

Despite all this interest, often the personal data owners lack the power to control how their data is put to use. However, the next company is set to utilize the usefulness of blockchain technology to solve the problem of personal data ownership outside of a centralized structure.

About Trisent Ltd

Trisent Ltd is a software applications company based in the UK, with the goal of developing an advanced application for their context management system. The company's advanced use of unique technology allows them to create a private and secure database for personal devices users to store their personal information and use it safely and securely.

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Trisent Ltd Products

Trisent aims to change our control of personal data by building a new search and storage ecosystem where users can decide who can access their data. The central core for this functionality is

Personal Data browser

The Personal Data Browser is a blockchain-based system that acts as a personal search engine to allow for the filing, sorting, and private storage data during their access to the internet. The development allows for the average user to search and analyze their past online activities and media with complete anonymity and without multiple timelines and interfaces.


The self-writing technology utilizes Trisent's technology to help users record, capture and record memories and insights in their life stories. The personal application has all the benefits of a diary for your personal and professional life without giving you the pain of having to recall each time

The Positives With Trisent Venture

  1. Power of ownership goes back to the original owners thus eliminating third-party entities such as tech companies, service providers, and social media firms
  2. Data monetization for the original owners of the data as they can take control of who they share data within the ecosystem
  3. Creates a balanced and effective marketplace for businesses looking for accurate information for better targeting ads and marketing campaigns
  4. Trisent is made up of a highly experienced management team and advisors which adds legitimacy to the future of the data platforms

Does Trisent Have Potential?

Perhaps most importantly, Trisent is in search of a channel to put back power to the hands of the average consumers. However, a significant part of their project is still only in theory with both products set to launch later in the year. All-in-all the ultimate concept with Trisent is that users can finally reap the rewards to their highly valuable data.

Who’s Behind Trisent?

  • Gordon Povey: CEO, and avid VC/Angel investor with skills in serial entrepreneurship in leading tech companies and startups
  • Beth Scott: Non-Executive Director with a background in marketing and software
  • Mark Hogarth- Lead Advisory Board with expertise in venture funding in high tech companies
  • Catherine Brown: Strategic Marketing Consultant and Advisor
  • Joe Tree: Advisory Board member with experience in creative media, technology, and commercial enterprises
  • Sarah Lee: Advisory Board member who brings her PR expertise to help run Trisent
  • Bill Buchanan: Technical Advisor and Professor at Edinburgh Napier University
  • Michelle McWilliams: Advisor in marketing communications and campaigns


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