What Is TriveCoin?

Trivecoin is a core system for new businesses to enter the digital age by implementing blockchain-based technology and DAPPS (decentralized applications) through BizContracts.

Additional features include utilizing both Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake based algorithms in a hybrid fashion to increase security and sustainability, a rewards-based double-tier network known as Trive VIP Masternode Network (TVIP), ExclusiveSend which for increased user privacy protection and Direct Send, a decentralized instantaneous transaction system.


TriveChain is the blockchain of TriveCoin, a core system of TriveCoin that allows new businesses to market their products and/or services on the TriveCoin community, and generate native tokens effectively through TriveCoin’s BizContract. This mechanism gives tremendous opportunity to any businesses to crowdfund their project via initial coin offering (ICO).

The process of tokenization is generated through TriveChain, where these tokens are virtual coins built on top of TriveCoin’s platform, making the tokens programmable and customizable to the developer’s needs. These tokens are open-source, self-governing, and free for anyone to use, whilst facilitating guaranteed agreements, token-based voting systems, digital currencies for decentralized apps and tokenized assets.


BizContract is a unique solution to the problems currently plaguing implementation of smart contracts. Traditional smart contracts while in theory have a broad application, are often not implementable in the real world due to several factors such as the difficulty of integration into existing systems, high implementation costs, multiple abstraction layers and lack of autonomy. The goal of the BizContract is to systematically address these areas where the smart contract has fallen short while also expanding on its true potential.


Nowadays, mobile applications are being acquired from centralized organizations, meaning that app developer would need to pay a registration fee to be listed on these platforms, and,on top of that pay commission of as high as 30% per sale.Though these well-known platforms do provide their services pretty well, BizStore strives to make a 100% user-friendly decentralized application store, by providing a system where consumers and app developers have first-hand interaction.

With TriveCoin’s decentralized BizStore, app developers would only need to pay a small amount of fees with TriveCoin to be listed on BizStore, and enjoy maximum profit without having to reimburse a hefty amount of sales commission.

The platform provides SDK simplifying the difficult process of build-and-get-paid. Development teams of any size can publish and get their apps discovered through BizStore in Trivechain wallet.


BizApp is a solution and an opportunity for all sectors to tap into the blockchain market, enabling them to customize their application system on top of TriveChain’s platform. By utilizing simple programming language, new businesses will only need to pay a small number of fees in TriveCoin to integrate their application.

They could potentially eliminate communication issues between various parties. Take healthcare industries, for example, one of the general application in this industry could be signing of the medical record. Healthcare could adapt multi-signatures to give permission to other parties to fully or partially accessible to the medical record. In addition to that, the implementation can also verify that a major or minor procedure has taken place. The usage of blockchain makes sure that the information is encrypted and accessible only to those who have the authority to open it.

TriveCoin Conclusion

On July 1, TRVC will be listed on Bitrabbit is Australia’s largest cryptocurrency exchange and supports dozens of currencies. The listing on Bitrabbit will give TRVC fluidity, enabling holders to buy, sell and exchange through fiat or dozens of major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum, and Zcash.

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