Trivver Review: The Future Of Extended Reality Monetization

The mention of extended reality and in particular AR always rings the use of smartglasses on the mind. Blockchain is also promising a front for the development of extended reality by creating a vision for mainstream secure development of extended reality (XR) ads to consumers. Trivver hopes to bring a native, and non-disruptive advertising platform for extended reality through blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in particular. Here's how one venture

What Is Trivver?

Trivver is a blockchain-based comprehensive platform with the aim of providing a global XR advertising marketplace for commercialization and tokenization of extended reality technologies in the smart devices. The platform will comprise of publishers, agencies, brands and consumers of XR technologies looking for the unparalleled capability for the ever-growing XR user population.

XR content developers and advertisers will be able to create, index and monetize through a blockchain-based inventory to ensure revenue generation. With the XR category experiencing a positive growth rate each year, Trivver hopes to take the opportunity of the growing market share. Their goal will encompass developing advanced technologies to use in the world of XR advertising and consequently, reshape marketing industry.

Trivver Blockchain Extended Reality (BSO) Features

  • Smart Object technologies-As the core of the platform, the Smart Object Technology provides for ad monetization through XR based 3D Smart Objects. The objects go into promoting information such as product offers and branding to the users.
  • Patented Analytics- Trivver system records user's experiences of the Branded Smart Objects under the patent viewable metric.
  • Smart Tabs- users can directly engage with the BSOs through Smart Tabs providing links to information the advertiser has to share. BSOs are the objects disseminating and collecting data on advertising information links
  • Dynamic Ad Exchange- the BSOs also provides for a dynamic ad exchange with the appropriate productive 3D environment
  • Client Development tools- BSOs will allow for a digital environment that is customizable and designable by the users.

Trivver Benefits

Here's what to expect from this vision:

  • Seamless fit- the BSOs provide for easy to make 3D objects which fit into the potential market spots on the XR advertising environments
  • Embedding with technology- the use of Smart Tabs is the excellent technological addition to enable effective ad-targeting for advertisers
  • Monetization- XR ads publishers finally get to earn from their efforts through payment of the XR content in Trivver tokens
  • Earning options- apart from incentivizing the XR ad campaigns, Trivver also provides for consumer rewards to the consumers through innovative token giveaways

Trivver TRVR Coin ICO Details And Distribution

The ICO sale details enlists two phases for the distribution

  • Public Distribution- 1-30 June 2018
  • Pre-Sale Distribution- 7-29 May 2018
  • The Pre-Sale phase
  • Ticker- TRVR
  • Token supply-200 m. TRVR
  • Minimum distribution- 5,000 ETH
  • Accepts- ETH
  • Price rate- 1 ETH= 750 TRVR
  • Minimum investment- 0.3 ETH
  • Hard Cap- 100,000 ETH

Trivver (TRVR) Allocation

  • Public- 50%
  • GSO inventory reserve- 25%
  • XR airdrop reserves- 12.5%
  • User engagement reserve- 12.5%

Trivver Conclusion

The XR industry is a gradually developing, and with blockchain technology exploding, it is exciting to see Trivver flirting with the two techniques simultaneously. The consumer's benefits of the ad platform are apparent, and the already the venture is on course to unleashing its concept. All-in-all, the Trivver platform has a viable journey and is worth checking out for business.

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