What Is TrocaBit?

Trocabit is a digital currency that is based on the Waves technology. It is going to be used as an option for buying and selling products on the Marketplace. The token is going to appreciate according to the laws of supply and demand. Thus, the market is what will determine the value of the Trocabit token.

Trocabit is going to assist in the development of online marketplaces globally. Thus, it will create a digital pass so that people can exchange services and goods for it. With this token, it will help to guarantee the security of goods and services purchased. Via the Trocabit platform, the sale of goods and services will take place quite fast. This platform is going to be developed by top programmers, bringing all the benefits of an online marketplace to one platform.

TrocaBit TCB Token ICO Details

This project is going to be made possible by proceeds from the token sale. The sale will take place in 45 days. However, this period may be extended if the targets for this project have not been met.

Since the token has been developed using Waves Technology, it will be possible to negotiate the assets in the Waves Exchange. For regulation, Trocabit invites the community to join the currency.

All tokens will be sent to Waves wallets on 03/05. 12% of the tokens will go to founders, 14.46% to donations, and 73.54% will be sold to the public. There will be a maximum supply of 184,263,000 tokens. The token distribution to wallets will occur automatically once the targets are met. Development of the platform will start once tokens have been distributed.

TrocaBit Credit Card Development

The founders of this project want to develop prepaid credit cards to be used for Trocabit. This will make things even more affordable for users of the Trocabit ecosystem. This is because Trocabit has the mission to make the platform accessible and easy to use for all.

TrocaBit Buy & Sell Cryptocurrency Exchange Benefits

One of the major benefits of this platform is the sale of products with a security guarantee by this platform. Trocabit aims to ensure that products purchased on this platform will arrive according to the date advertised by the seller. The seller will only receive their money upon confirmation that the buyer has received their package.

TrocaBit Conclusion

The Trocabit team has set out a roadmap on their site. They intend to stick to it fully. However, they do acknowledge that some unforeseen events may cause some delays. Thus far, this seems not to have happened. They intend to hold token sales in six phases.

The first token sale is already underway. There are 27 days left on the clock for those who wish to take part. If they do manage to raise enough funds, expect a revolutionary platform to launch soon. The mission is to create the largest online marketplace that utilizes crypto coins for the purposes of exchanging goods and services.

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