TRON Blockchain University: Tronics Decentralized Education Program

Tron recently launched the genesis block on the mainnet – but there is another positive surprise from Tron in the works as well. A member of the Tronics team posted a video about a “blockchain university.” This is a new education program that may help individuals who are interested in crypto and the like.

The video is a mere thirty seconds and it provides insight into the future technology, blockchain, the benefits of a decentralized system. Additionally, the video raises questions for newcomers concerning base questions such as “what is blockchain” and the specifics of “DAPPS.”

The university will be available through an online platform an the mechanism provides users with flexibility in understanding Tron and other elements of the industry better. Those who are interested can register and upon doing so, they’ll get access to challenges, quizzes, and courses. As they go through the university, they’ll be able to earn rewards as well. There are three levels – novice, competent, and experts so that users can constantly challenge themselves and get to a level of expertise that they feel completely comfortable with.

Another important point to note about this opportunity is that the progression is linear – one cannot progress to another class until they complete the previous one Further, Tron hopes to provide rewards and positive content in an effort to boost participation rates and to improve the community as well. There are two types of content available on the platform – Tron and Blockchain.

All rewards earned through the system are issued in TRX, which may be the safest for community members. Unknown tokens are not used on the platform because it is an exclusively TRON-oriented system. Further, Tron itself is focused on its token because it may want to improve exposure rate and to reward loyal participants.

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