is TRON (TRX) better than Ethereum (ETH)

The TRON network has historically been associated with the Ethereum platform, offering an ERC-20 token on their project. However, on May 31st, this network will move on to their own mainnet, which is concerning for many holders of the TRX tokens.

Rumors suggest that TRON aims to make their network more advanced and profitable than the Ethereum platform, advertising lower fees and faster transactions. However, these ideas will only be hearsay until the activation of the mainnet in the coming days.

From a logistical standpoint, the only transition that the users will need to worry about in the switch is the automatic transfer to the new platform. Users need to make sure that their tokens are in a compatible token exchange, and though they can transfer the tokens to an outside wallet if they do not want to participate.

If the user’s actions cause them to miss the June 21st deadline for the switch, there will be no opportunities to manually make the changes to their tokens until another mainnet switch is available. There is no pre-designated date for this manual opportunity, as it will be offered at the discretion of TRON. Luckily, many exchanges and wallets support the switch, and consumers with tokens in these platforms will be admissible:

Changes In Price

Since TRON began their testing phase of the new mainnet in April, the price for their tokens has exponentially grown. In April, the TRX value was about $0.0303, and the testing has revealed a 100% return in the investment within the last two months. However, if this trajectory is false, then there will be a major drop in value.

Most of the price changes will end up happening around the release date of the TRON mainnet, though investors should keep in mind that prices all over the crypto world have been dropping. However, TRX have noticed a recent upswing of 8% in price that may be indicative of the changes to come.

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