What Has Happened in Tron Network’s Growth in Just Two Months

What Has Happened in Tron Network’s Growth in Just Two Months?

Since July 2018, Tron has managed to make their network one of the largest decentralized platforms in the entire world. The company only launched their MainNet at the end of June, but their high performance and usability have pushed forward its growth, even in this short amount of time.

Based on a post from the official Medium blog for Tron, the company says that there are presently 282,859 active accounts as of August 29th, and that number continues to grow. When compared with the numbers that Tron raked in during July, the total growth has been over 1,000%, helping the company to catch up to bigger names like Ethereum. The growth since the launch of the MainNet has been 46,500%. Compared to Ethereum in the same two-month span, Tron has at least 11x the amount of accounts that the longtime crypto platform has.

There are plenty of other statistics to compare to, like their day with the highest number of transactions. On August 20th, the company hit a peak of 416,497 transactions, and the total transactions per day have increased by no less than 741% since July. That is an average of 13,565% more transactions that the first day of the MainNet.

One of the most interesting traits for Tron is their use of Super Representatives. The company wants to be decentralized and does not want to take away from the goal of cryptocurrency as a whole. As such, they regularly elect 27 Super Representatives, which are different entities that will make the majority of decisions with the platform. Right now, there are seven locations around the world that are included in these representatives, like the USA, Vietnam, and Brazil. The USA has the most (14), but China follows behind (7). The other countries involved have one representative each.

Along with their use of Super Representatives, there are plenty of other reasons that consumers enjoy using Tron. Despite beating out Ethereum in participation, their database is completely compatible with them, and offers a “user-friendly energy consumption model” to reduce their carbon footprint. As features are developed for Tron, the Committee of the representatives must vote on different features, which can either run the proposed dApp or be postponed until the next vote.

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