Nearly one week ago, Tron [TRX] introduced its ongoing project, TronLink, a chrome extension that supposedly increases access to the Tron blockchain. Today, the specs of its beta version have been provided, which claim developers to having the most advantage.

As per the Tron Medium Post, TronLink will be operating TronWatch’s private network, as the nodes have yet to move to the Tron Virtual Machine (TVM). To better understand what TronLink entails, a breakdown of how it works, developers’ advantage and ways in which users can help to develop the system at hand will be highlighted.

The Extension Communication And Website Communication

As per the details shared on Tron’s Medium page, the extension communication can be split into three different components, which include the backgroundScript, the contentScript and the pageHook.

The backgroundScript is responsible for the overall functioning of the wallet and ensuring private keys are encrypted and stored. The contentScript seems to come from the backgroundScript, as they are perceived as “children”. Lastly, the pageHook is responsible for connecting the TronLink extension to the website – where an API will be integrated on its page, “enabling it to ask the user to sign transactions, call smart contracts…”

The communication that takes place is said to be bi-directional, with the contentScript finding its way to the backgroundScript. For the time being, several API Methods have been listed along with the varying nodes, wallets and Utils. To test the waters, one must first install the extension and carry on with their test at:

Users must keep in mind that the current release is that of the beta version, which implies that they are in the gradual, developing phase. It would be ideal to be watchful of how transactions are handled, as it will only be supported by the Tron TestNet.

As for the advantage developers have at the moment, it appears that they can “test and integrate their DApps without using actual funds.”

To learn more on TronLink, go to:

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