On the 6th August, it was announced by Justin San of Tron, that the Chinese blockchain giant, Raybo, will be running for the Tron Super Representative Candidacy. The addition of Raybo, according to the Tron Foundation, marks the turning of the network to become more inclusive, helping to provide more outreach.

“Raybo will run for #TRONSR. Raybo has been committed to promoting decentralized distributed clearing technology represented by Ripple in Greater China, promoting blockchain clearing technology in financial institutions such as banks. #TRON #TRX $TRX”

It's a very extensive list that Tron boasts at the moment, with over 63 candidates aiming to take the reins as the Super Representative on the network. Regardless, Raybo intends to become part of the community which it states places on “display Tron’s inclusiveness and openness as a decentralized and autonomous community.”

Taking on the responsibility of a Super Representative on the network means that Raybo will have a major role in the future directions such as its future governance, the firms underlying structure, and will act to represent the will of the people.

One of the more understated responsibilities of Super Representatives on the network is also to act as one of the guardians of the network, actively participating in the circulation and ongoing validation of activities within the network.

Tron's position of Super Representative in nominating an organization is a purely democratic process, with the goal of creating a sustainable, appropriate level of governance on its network. Raybo has previously stated that “it is willing to participate in carrying out the efforts of promoting the blockchain technology.”

Tron has been in the news recently, as it conducted its very first, all-hands meeting, with participating members logging in from areas as far-flung as San Francisco and Beijing. Since being established, the amount of members participating on the network has steadily grown from 108 members to its current 300, according to the Tron Foundation.

With this rate of growth and its unique governance system, Tron believes it has all the capabilities and potential to surpass Ethereum.

The most recent updates from Tron made it apparent that it's prioritizing the increase of its current level of members using the network, increasing the number of ‘TRONICS' as a result. The company's store was opened for a flash sale on the 30th July with a grand reception. The report also shows that on 28th July, Tron had an activity collecting videos related to the Tron Independence day and Tron Virtual Machine releases on Facebook.

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