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TRON Takes a Jab at YouTube’s Recent Outage, Calling for a Decentralized Solution

YouTube Outage Causes Panic Around the Globe – Is This the Opportunity TRON Needed to Establish TronTube?

YouTube recently had an outage this week on Wednesday, when the website was deemed inaccessible. Upon opening the website, users saw no videos, and instead were greeted with an error message that only said,

“There was a problem with the network [503].”

The website was back up by 11 a.m. HK/SIN time (11 p.m. ET Tuesday), and the Tron Foundation was vocal about their discontent with the service’s performance. The Foundation tweeted:

“Today, @YouTube users around the world had access issues on YouTube, YouTube TV and YouTube Music for almost 1 hour. Our #TRONICS believe that with the decentralized platform on #TRON, that kind of issue won’t happen. #TRX $TRX”

Last week, before the outage, Tron’s founder and creator Justin Sun eluded to a secret partnership that is in the works right now. The Tron ecosystem is planned to launch the details about this collaboration, but some investors have started to come up with their own ideas as to which organization they’ll be working with.

One of the most popular candidates is Alibaba Group, the Chinese MNC. Other reports suggest that Baidu is the one getting involved.

In the meantime, Sun has also announced that they have an airdrop planned with Bitbox by Tron, celebrating the addition of the LINK token being listed on the exchange. LINK comes from Line Corporation, a media company.

Aside from all of the collaborations that TRON has planned, they’ve also shown plenty of interest in the upcoming Vitalik Buterin and Nouriel Roubini debate. Sun has even said that he would offer up a $1 million reward if the debate actually comes to fruition. One Twitter user commented on Tron’s desire to establish a decentralized YouTube, simply saying “You need to launch TronTube.”

Another user echoed the sentiment, saying,

“A prime weakness centralized apps have today, YouTube is down for users worldwide. it’s time to decentralize. Now, not every aspect can be Decentralized.. so let’s say semi-Decentralized, illegal content should still be monitored & removed.”



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