TRON Tops Bitcoin Twitter Mentions As Ethereum and Ripple Fight for Third

Cointrendz Reports TRON in Lead, Followed By BTC, and Race Between ETH and XRP?

By market capitalization and volume, it is evident that Bitcoin [BTC] still remains number one within the crypto sphere, which is obviously followed by Ethereum [ETH]. An interesting approach was recently taken by Cointrendz to assess what seems like the most talked about crypto within social media.

A chart dubbed, “Top 10 Most Mentioned Cryptocurrencies on Twitter”, shows that Tron is thus far the most spoken of when measured in the “Amount of tweets since the last hour” – sitting at approximately 1,737. Clear overtake of BTC is observed here, as the giant only sits at 1,349. Ethereum [ETH] and Ripple [XRP], believe it or not, are neck-in-neck, with enough opportunity for either one to overtake the other. In particular, ETH sits at 716, while XRP sits at 707. The rest who’ve made the list includes ETC (591), NEO (564), LTC (399), XVG (331) and ADA (323).

While the Ripple community was active throughout 2018, it wasn’t until its launch of the XRP Tip Bot, that got many more confident in the project. The XRP Tip Bot was created with the intentions of rewarding the XRP community for sharing valid and accurate data via Twitter, Reddit and Discord, as per Daily Hodl’s reporting. The control has been given to the community, as each and every follower is given the right to tip upon seeing knowledgeable and appropriate posts.

At the time of writing, it has been revealed that the XRP Tip Bot has been utilized to the point where 28,658 tips and 40,000XRP tipped amounts were issued – with the last 100 transactions displayed on

Good news is a clear indicator of hope, as followers housed within online communities are surely to not only express positive emotion, but also spread the news to get the word across. However, it not enough of an indicator that the token at hand will increase in market cap, volume or price. Many supporters, especially that of Tron have been known to express immense upset, as the number of continuous partnerships gained does not seem to attract new investors.

How do you comprehend this new approach to assessing the top 10 cryptocurrencies of the crypto sphere? Is an hour’s time sufficient to represent the community, better yet the popularity of a token?

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Coin Market Cap Price Change 24 Hour Volume
BTC $135.89B $7,670.3424 -3.67% $6.37B
ETH $25.99B $244.8165 -4.14% $2.54B
XRP $15.82B $0.3756 -5.51% $719.15M
BCH $6.98B $392.2183 -6.41% $513.13M
LTC $5.46B $88.2476 -3.51% $693.42M
EOS $5.42B $5.9338 -5.74% $659.42M
BNB $4.42B $31.2837 -2.22% $293.69M
USDT $2.93B $1.0019 -0.23% $5.73B
XLM $2.37B $0.1232 -8.50% $49.95M
ADA $2.04B $0.0786 -7.63% $95.55M

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