A 19-year-old German developer has been the one in charge of creating Tron’s Opensource Wallet DApp. The name of this genius is Marius Gill, and has been programming since he was just 13 years old.

The wallet DApp has been launched back in March, 2018, and is a result of the so called Project Genesis. The intention behind it was to encourage the crypto community to bring something new to the cryptocurrency ecosystem – which is in constant development and has great talents.

At the moment, Project Genesis provides 2 billion dollar bonus pool for those active members around the world that have been working so as to implement new ideas in the community.

As reported by TRON Foundation, this wallet is multifunctional and the main feature is that it is able to easily interact with the accounts of the investors, and at the same time, make sure that all the data and funds stored are secured in a cold wallet. Other important features are the offline signing mechanism and a switch between hot and cold wallet.

According to Marcus, he decided to apply to the contest not because of financial reasons but because it was a challenge to him. He was able to design one of the most innovative wallets out in the market, which is based on the cryptocurrency’s protocol.

Marius commented about the contest:

“The chance of award is less significant to me than getting involved and sharing experiences with peers in the TRON community so that I get more time for test and optimization.”

Marius was granted 100,000 USD TRON LOAN for completing this development. At the time he started with the project, he did not own any iOS device.

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