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Now it is possible to manage all your TRON finances with just one App which is going to be launched on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux and the Chrome Store. Store and spend them with their open source wallet made exclusively for TRON's TRX cryptocurrency coin.

They have decided to create a secure, fast and reliable wallet that you can use as both Cold and Hot Storage to sign any transaction needed on the Tron Protocol without compromising the user experience. With hot Wallet you can send and receive Tron immediately. Transactions are signed on your device and broadcasted to the network. Cold Wallet allows to sign transactions without an active internet connection. Broadcast them using a different device for best possible security.

It covers all the important features the protocol has to offer. TronWatch offers features such as send, receive, full transaction history, vote, super representative details page, freeze, unfreeze, create tokens and buy tokens.

Because the nodes on the current network have not migrated to the new TVM build, TronLink will initially be running on TronWatch’s private network. It will later be changed to use the official Tron test network until the main network nodes support the TVM.

The extension consists of three mostly separate components that communicate with each other, while keeping the background state strictly separate from websites that interact with the API.

More functionality to change the node within the extension before the mainnet releases the TVM. This will allow developers to test and integrate their dApps without using actual funds.

While the company encourages users to test out and play around with the extension, please keep in mind that TronLink is still in active development. They are running on a private TestNet for the time being, and because of that, it is recommended that users are extremely cautious when handling transactions.

Notably, TronWatch is currently running for Super Representative, along with BitTorrent and uTorrent candidates. Also make sure you read into Tron's secret project Atlas, as well as Justin Sun's roadmap for the TRX cryptocurrency coin attempt to make a run at a top five token in the cryptocurrency world.

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