The power structure of the internet has shifted significantly since the early 2000’s. Today, the content that we receive online is largely manipulated by the interests of giant corporations, who advertise and feed certain ideas into the heads of users constantly. Big players like amazon, ebay dictate what products are sold to the masses in general, and as result of this we can see a gradual centralization of the internet.

In order to break away from such structures, there are how many crypto platforms that offer users with a host of possibilities to share and receive information (musc, news, social media) in a completely different way.

What is Tron?

In its basic essence, Tron is a “blockchain based entertainment system” that is full of original content. It makes use of a currency callen TRX, that is used to govern all of the actions that take place within the ecosystem. Owing to its native economic system, this platform is able to allow for excellent “one-on-one interaction between providers of digital entertainment content and ordinary users”.

As a direct result of this, content providers will no longer have to pay high fees/ commissions to media platforms such as Google Play and the Apple App store. Also, like may other crypto platforms, Tron allows all of tits users to receive incentives for sharing content such as texts, pictures, videos, and broadcasts.

Other Key Aspects of This System Include

(i) Social Networking:

Tron serves as an excellent social media platform, allowing users to freely exchange thoughts, idea, media without the interference of any middlemen.

(ii) Decentralised:

Owing to the fact that this system is based on the blockchain, it allows users to have full control over their digital assets.In addition to this, users who share and create good content, are also rewarded either monetarily or in the form of other incentives.

(iii) Payment Network:

An additional use of Tron is its ability to double up as a fully autonomous payment system. Users can send and receive money from any part of the globe within minutes when using this platform. The transactions are encrypted, and can only be accessed by the parties that are directly involved with them.

About the Company

The Tron Foundation has been around for awhile now, and was set up initially to serve as a platform for cutting edge digital innovation. The company has been approved by institutions such as the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), and is run by the Board of Trustees or the Board of Governors formed by eligible individuals for independent management and operation, which is also independent from the government's administration.

Other Important Aspects of The TRON Service

(i) Data Liberty:

There is no censorship of any media that is relayed within the Tron network. This ensures that all parties have access to freedom of speech, and that nobody has to unfairly be subjected to corporate sanctions etc. The information that can be circulated without any prohibition includes characters, pictures, audios and videos.

(ii) Content Enabling:

Another underrated aspect of this system is its ability to stimulate content ecology via the use of incentives.

(iii) Personal ICO Option:

Users have to option to “freely distribute digital assets in the form of an ICO”. As a result of this, other platform users can enjoy the benefits and services that are delivered via the “continuous development of data contributors by purchasing digital”

(iv) Completely Decentralized:

The distribution of digital assets is done via mechanisms that are completely decentralized. Some of the other core features employed by this platform include distributed exchange, autonomous gaming, forecast and game system.

TRON Token Details

The official token used by the platform is called Tronix (abbreviated to TRX). It is currently on sale, and can be purchased via the use of fiat, as well as cryptocurrencies from the official company website. In all there will be a total of 100 billion TRX that will be issued. In terms of the allocation of these tokens, the company has presented the following model:

  • Public offering: 40%
  • TRON Foundation and the ecosystem: 35%
  • Private offering: 15%
  • Pay initial supporter-Pei Wo Huanle (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.: 10%


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