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TronChat Social Media dApp Set to Rival Instagram, Venmo & Telegram (Powered by TRX Token)

TronChat to Compete With Social Media Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube?

Plans for an innovative, blockchain-based social media platform has recently been revealed and it none other than the TronChat. As per the Tron team, this new platform will not only satisfy one’s social networking craze, but also allow one to earn Tron’s native token, TRX, in doing so.

The decision to create TronChat seems to have stemmed from the flaws associated with traditional social media platforms. Ever since Facebook was criticized for insufficient protection over users’ activities and privacy, consumers have been very careful. To eliminate this sense of worry and discomfort, the TronChat aims to:

“fix this paradigm, and allows users to make money from their everyday interactions with social media.”

What are some of TronChat’s features?

Like most traditional social media platforms, users will be capable of sharing a wide range of content (i.e. pictures, stories, and videos), messaging one another, conversing in chatrooms, receiving direct updates and lastly, tipping. While many of the features may appear to be very similar to what consumers are accustom to, additional facets make them quite different.

For instance, when users share their content, they can fix a rate in TRX as to how much the receiving end should pay in order to view to post. This is also referred to as “content premium”, which is not necessarily mandatory, but up to the content producer. Similarly, one can attach the number of TRX they choose to send via their messages. Most importantly, users can choose to tip content writers as a way to appreciate their work or better yet, motivate them.

As for the entirety of the project, the Tron team has revealed that TronChat is currently in its development phases and is actively seeking to:

“secure funding to accelerate the release of a full version.”

Final Thoughts

Overall, the concept behind TronChat seems worthwhile, as it can eliminate one of the main concerns: lack of user control over respective, personal data. If the team involved succeeds in their set goals while helping content writers earn TRX and facilitating easier transfers, this project could possibly be a threat to current social media platforms.

What do you think of the TronChat? Are its features enough to make it stand out? Let us know in the comment section below!



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