Tron's Founder Justin Sun Wins TRX Blockchain Election In Just 1 Day

In a somewhat unsurprising move, Tron's founder, Justin Sun is set to become part and parcel of the network's new Super Representatives crew after migrating off the Ethereum blockchain. As a smart contract platform boasting of its own user experience and the focus is for Tron to move to its new chain.

The TRON Super Representative Election

On July 18, 2018, Justin Sun took to Twitter to officially announce his candidature as a Super Representative blocks producer on the new Tron Network. After a day of official voting, the chain's founder is said to have garnered over 120 million votes to win himself a slot as a Super Representative during the live token migration process.

In his campaign address through Twitter, Sun emphasized to Tron token holders that his move to bid for a super representative was a matter of personal decision and unaffiliated with the TRX tokens and Tron Foundation. Additionally, to reduce conflict-of-interest speculation, Sun made it clear that he would subject himself to the same vetting process as all other candidates.

“As the founder as well as a candidate, I am determined to go through the selection process like everyone else, which displays TRON's inclusiveness and openness as a decentralized and autonomous community,”

he said.

Who Are The Super Representatives?

As far as the role is concerned, Tron's Super Representatives will work to provide the much-needed validation as well as bear the computational process for the network. And as the name suggests, the role gives holders the power to represent the millions of TRON token users from across the world.

In general, the Super Representatives become the official guardians of the TRON networks with powers to bookkeep, generate blocks and facilitate other crucial operations.

Possible Skepticism

While Sun's candidature did raise speculation, the election results have had plenty of doubt among Tron token holders. Most recently, Twitter users suggested that the founder's candidacy was a move to interfere with the network's independence.

“Hey, Justin that move is not good for us, and it is unprofessional,”

One user took time to comment on Sun's twitter post.

A Reddit user even took time to question Sun's rhetoric on blockchain democracy by commenting on his twitter post,

“Create democracy. People love it. Huge media presence and influence. People love you. Run for head office. Everyone follows. Easy win. Now in control of said democracy. Seem strange? No? I give up.”

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