Tron's Justin Sun Responds To Vitalik Regarding Crypto Jab, Asks TRX Communty For Dapp Ideas

Justin Sun Responds To Vitalik On Twitter And Asks Tron (TRX) Community For Dapp Ideas

Vitalik Buterin has recently commented on social media that the crypto market will not grow 1000x soon. However, he later clarified that his commented were misconstrued by media outlets and the crypto community and that he only meant that large parts of the population have already heard of crypto, so you need depth (adoption) and not information to bring value.

The co-founder of the Ethereum Network has also stated that if the media keeps distorting the words of the developers, they would have no choice but to handle the media just like Justin Sun does in order to get his message around.

Justin Sun Responds

Justin Sun decided to respond the tweet stating that he believes that the crypto space will actually grow 1000x and that it will hit the $10 trillion USD market cap way before Apple and Amazon are able to do it in the traditional stock markets. He did not comment on Vitalik’s taunt about needing to handle things just like him, though.

After that, Sun has asked the Tron community to provide him with a list of decentralized app ideas that they would like to see on the Tron network.

The community answered the tweet with the following suggestions: Massive multiplayer games; Fighting games that wager TRX tokens; First person shooter games; a decentralized social media site; online poker on the blockchain; TronTUBE (rather than Youtube); TronBOOK (rather than Facebook); TwiTRON (instead of Twitter); TronFLIX (instead of Netflix); a Decentralized voting system for the world’s democratic countries.

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