Troy Payment Gateway lets you use your existing hardware while enjoying cheap fees. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is Troy Payment Gateway?

Troy Payment Gateway aims to give merchants another option for accepting payments. The company emphasizes instant settlements, low fees, and an easy setup process.

With Troy Payment Gateway, merchants don’t have to install new hardware. Instead, they can use their existing hardware and add support for Troy with just a single software update.

Merchants accept payments the same way they do today. Customers, meanwhile, can get an issued Troy card from their existing card company.

How Does Troy Payment Gateway Blockchain For Merchants Work?

Troy Payment Gateway is a software-based solution that allows customers to pay fees of just 0.25%, or 10 times lower than the average fee charged by VISA.

Merchants enjoy instant settlements on the same hardware they use today. There’s no need to change your hardware: just install a software update to get started.

Aside from this basic information, we don’t know much about Troy Payment Gateway or how it works. The company’s first goal is to launch the token sale. Then, they’ll begin development of the platform. The final product isn’t expected to roll out until mid-2019. The Troy Payment Gateway website doesn’t currently feature a whitepaper or extensive information about the platform.

Overall, we know Troy Payment Gateway will offer lower fees on merchant transactions. We also know they’ll offer a software-based solution.

Troy Payment Gateway Features

Troy Payment Gateway advertises the following three features:

Instant Settlement:

Payments are transferred instantly from the customer to the merchant. Merchants choose to convert cryptocurrency to fiat or to other cryptocurrencies.

Card Swipe:

Merchants accept payments the same way they do today: customers can get an issued Troy card from their existing card company.

Low Fees:

Merchants will pay 0.25% or the transaction fee – whichever is greater. Customers with a Troy card will not pay ATM fees or foreign currency conversion fees.

Troy Payment Gateway TRY ICO Details

A pre-ICO for TRY tokens began in early March, with an ICO scheduled to take place soon after. Following the token sale, Troy will begin developing its hardware and firmware. The platform is expected to go live in Q2 2019, with full deployment and mass adoption in Q4 2019.

Who’s Behind Troy Payment Gateway?

Troy Payment Gateway was co-founded by Chad McCallister and Jim Richt. McCallister previously served as VP at EVO Payments. He’s based in Cologne, Germany. Richt, meanwhile, is a Dublin, Ireland-based professional who formerly served as VP at Chase Paymentech Europe.

Other key members of the team include Gregory Martin (Firmware Lead), Harold Nowak (Gateway Lead), and Pat Khatri (Blockchain Lead).

Troy Payment Gateway has partnered with Verifone, New Development Bank, Bleep, Apriva, and Ingenico to bring their payment gateway to life.

Troy Payment Gateway Conclusion

The goal of Troy Payment Gateway is to allow customers to pay with cryptocurrency online and in-person. Users can use TRY tokens or fiat currencies while making instant payments with low fees. Merchants, meanwhile, enjoy ACH payments in fiat.

The token sale for TRY tokens is underway throughout Q2 2018. To learn more about the platform, visit online today at

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