TRP Token

What is the TRP Token?

This is a revolutionary new dual blockchain payment platform that has been designed to make the travel and tourism industry more secure and convenient. It will also work for any related purchases in the industry. And due to the dual blockchain is said to have unprecedented advantages.

How Does the TRP Token Work?

TRP stands for Travel Related Purchase and its main goal is to become a major player in the multi-trillion-dollar travel industry. It’s a decentralized cryptocurrency based system that will work with Ethereum specifically. The payment system is going to make travel and all related purchases more convenient for use. The bonus system is designed to work with a secondary blockchain token.

What is the ICO of the TRP Token?

When you get started with the TRP Token ICO, you will not just get the TRP Token, but you’ll also get an equal portion of TPR Tokens. Not only that, but you’ll also get special bonus tokens that are given at the rate of each stage of the ICO.

If you sign up now, you get the tokens at a bonus of 30%. And they accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and ASH. The TRP Token ICO has already been introduced. In the first week there as a 24% of total distribution with a 20% TRP/TPR Bonus given.

In the second week there was a 20% of total distribution with a 15% TRP/TPR Bonus. In Week three there is a projected 12% of total distribution with a 10% TRP/TPR Bonus. And in week 4 there is an 8% of total distribution with a 5% TRP/TPR Bonus.

As for the launch summary. Their initial goal is to raise $35 million US dollars with a minimum of $5 million. The Pre-ICO bonus gave an extra 30% of both TRP and TPR tokens. The ICO began on the 15th of November and a sold-out pre-sale already happened. They ended up raising $6,120,000 of their initial goal of $35 million. That is still over their minimum goal.

The name once again is TRP Token. The Ticker went simply as TRP. The supply was 100,000,000 and it is Ethereum based ERC20 Token. The initial ICO ends December 15th of 2017. And the projected exchange will be at 50,000,000 tokens with a total lock out at 100,000,000.

And right now, you can double your tokens by purchasing TRP tokens for the ICO. You’ll instantly get an equal amount of TPR tokens. The tokens will be distributed after the ICO as bonuses for products and travel. It will work for local business trips or vacations around the world. They claim they will be the most convenient, fastest, and beneficial payment method for travel purchases all over the world.

TRP Token Conclusion

Previously saving money while traveling meant sacrifice. You had to spend less money, but with these new tokens, it’s said you have more freedom. The cryptocurrency is growing rapidly worldwide. And this is one of the most mainstream investments for people who travel.

Apparently, there are a range of opportunities that you can benefit from and you’ll be able to increase your travel expectations and money exponentially. They claim that TRP will be the future of travel and all of it’s related rewards. It’s still a new system, so we will have to see how it plays out.

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