True Biz

What Is True Biz?

True Biz is a new cryptocurrency company that has created an ecosystem devoted to seamless cryptocurrency and fiat investments. The company’s main goal is to bridge the gap between the more traditional aspects of the industry and the revolutionary aspects of the blockchain by simplifying transactions with these two types of currency on the platform.

The ecosystem created by this company offers solutions for people who want for people who want a crypto platform that is really decentralized and transparent. Security is very important to the company, so the members of the team have developed protocols to create a system that could work effectively and without being hackable.

How True Biz Blockchain Business Crypto Payment System Works

The company has created a platform that is completely scalable and uses an immutable ledger to store the information in a way that they never change. True Biz also has smart contracts that help the users to make the transactions in a more automatic and fast way.

True Biz is capable of delivering solutions to companies that require interoperability and full integrity of their data. The company can also track assets and supplies on any supply chain by using the blockchain technology. Other features offered by the company are tools for loyalty programs, cashback and contactless payments, as well as instant transactions.

This platform also offers the True Biz SandboxAPI, a banking platform that creates solutions for decentralized economies. One of the apps of the ecosystem is the True Biz Crypto Mobile Bank. This app lets you manage anything with a smartphone.

You can use it for payments, transfers and currency exchange. There are no limits on the transaction volume that you can have and you can withdraw your crypto in fiat currency. By using it, you will also pay lower fees.

The True Biz platform will be finally launched on November 2018 and it will release its own wallet in June 2019.

True Biz TRB Token & ICO Details

To finance its platform, True Biz has decided to sell its tokens to investors. The tokens will be compatible with third party wallets and exchanges. The sale will start on August 8 and it will last for three months until it is finished on November 8.

A total of 50,000,000 TRB tokens will be available for purchase and you can buy with ETH, BTC or LTC. You can buy a total of 500 TRB tokens with 1 ETH and the minimal transaction amount is 0.1 ETH, 0.1 BTC or 1 LTC.

52% of the money raised in the token sale will be used in branding and marketing, as the project is mostly done. 14% will be used to build the infrastructure, 3% in gift code inventory, 3% on bounties and 5% in legal costs.

You have to register to be able to invest in this company’s token sale. You do not need to pass any Know Your Customer procedure, though. All of the unsold tokens will be destroyed after the sale.

The True Biz Team

The main members of the True Biz team are experts on the blockchain technology that decided to work in this company to take the benefits to the customers. They are Aaron Golshen (CEO & Lead Blockchain), Boyan Josic (CTO & Senior Developer), Dan O Brien (Blochain App Developer), Ravel Rubin (Software Developer) and Rob Rukstalis (Software Developer).

The community management team is made up of Daniel A., Dennis Rogovsk, Miki Hayama, Nicholas Walker, Oleh Nykoliak, Payu Harris and Phil McCarty.

True Biz Conclusion

This company is a solution that can be used for people who want an easy solution to deal with cryptos and with fiat currency at the same time. The platform looks very decent and able to provide what you may need. Should you invest in it? That really depends a lot on your plans. The company does not look like a safe bet, but it does not look terrible, either.

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