What Is TrueGoldCoin?

The rise of technology has led to the development of various platform on the Ethureum blockchain technology. Truegoldcoin happens to be one of such decentralized online platform. The Argentinian innovation provides an ecosystem for gold investors to participate in various transaction activities within the platform. According to the developers, the company is already in possession of many titles for more than 1,800 hectares of mining rights.

How TrueGoldCoin Real Gold Backed Crypto Asset Works

Interested investors of this project will have to purchase the TGC tokens to gain access to a stake in these mining rights. Currently, the standard price of the crowd sale stands at 1ETH for 100 TGC. Through this, the company plans to issue up to 10% of the estimated gold reserve value to ensure profitability and security of investments.

Additionally, the issuing of the crypto-coin heavily depends on the probable gold reserves with numerous investment options. The use of the TrueGold wallet sets to bring more flexibility into the process as individuals get to receive and send multiple tokens without restrictions. Reports on the Truegoldcoin official website indicate that the platform will soon be introducing credit and debit card, which comes in handy for external transactions.

Furthermore, sending and receiving of ETH has been made easier as investors get to use any token compatible wallets.

TrueGoldCoin Benefits

Since the platform is based on an Ethereum blockchain system, the first thing you would probably benefit from is guaranteed security in every aspect of transactions. Also, through the platform, multi-account owners find it convenient as they can transfer or receive transactions from/in their various wallets.  Through this, you get to save on the different transaction costs you could have incurred in every exchange.

Additionally, the platform supports direct use of US dollars under the alternative payment ways. The same case applies to those interested parties in possession of non-compatible wallets such as Coinbase and Exchange. Through this, the platform seeks to cover a wider market than most of its competitors with restrictions in place.

Every investor loves the flexibility that comes with mobile Apps. And the Truegoldcoin offers that through its compatible mobile TGC wallet. Here users get to control their accounts from anywhere in the world and at whatever time of the day. The wallet enjoys the support of various Android and iPhone mobiles.

To better on service delivery the developers of this platform promise to introduce compatible exchange platforms for TGC. Here early buyers get to sell their tokens for profits.

TrueGoldCoin TCG ICO Details

Overall, as per now, the platform seems very organized with articulated moves on each step. There is enough information for better understanding, which makes suitable for both beginners and experienced investors. And the fact that the platform supports multiple wallet transactions gives it a competitive edge in the current stiff market. Also, participants on the platform get to use their TGC tokens as a mode of payment for various on-system services. You can purchase TGC tokens using Ethereum during the companies ICO going on now.

However, the various multiple transaction options in place could also turn into scamming activities if there won’t be enough security measures in place. For it’s much easier to control simple processes than the complex ones as the platform poses.

TrueGoldCoin Conclusion

The Truegoldcoin platform poses various lucrative opportunities to interested gold investors. And with a TGC wallet in place, users can be at ease knowing they can monitor each stage of transactions from anywhere in the world, and with no time constraints. However, while the multi wallet transaction flexibilities in place seem like a good idea at first glance, it could also pose as a security threat if not handled well, since each one of them comes with various terms of operation. Overall, the platform is promising. Ultimately, we recommend its use.


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