The TruePlay project wants to bring the blockchain to the online gambling industry. Most people view the online casino industry with skepticism. However, this project hopes to be able to resolve the issue.

TruePlay first came to the limelight at a forum for innovative blockchain projects for gambling. It demonstrated a novel, effective, and readymade approach to fairness, transparency, and transaction speeds for online casinos. The CEO for this project, Oleksiy is a well-respected member of the gambling industry. He has said at past events that he thinks the blockchain will revolutionize gambling.

The TruePlay Vision

The TruePlay team envisions the creation of a unique and transparent platform, which any gambling platform can implement. TruePlay will offer various unique solutions that have the potential to change that gambling sector and lets players access a fair gambling experience, unlike anything that has existed in the past. TruePlay will make it possible to have fast transaction speeds between players and gambling platforms. This will ensure transparent and quick payouts without any long waiting periods.

The TruePlay Blockchain Gambling Industry Platform Solution

Financial security is at the core of any gambling site online. Before the Trueplay project, gambling platforms had no way to guarantee players will be paid. This is because their ledger would be centralized with no access for players.

In some cases, a player would make a bet but the casino would not have any funds to cover them if they won. TruePlay will enable a decentralized ledger that will be accessible by players. As a result, it will serve as a guarantee that the gambling project will always have funds to cover all bets.

For the players, it was difficult to make huge deposits to make large bets. Besides that, they had no simple way to withdraw the funds. Trust has always been an issue for the online gambling platforms among players. Because of the complex algorithms used, players would sometimes get losses or wins based on the amount of money they bet. This has led to a feeling that online gambling is unfair.

TruePlay will improve the transaction time a great deal. It will allow for lightning-fast token payments. This platform will solve the issue of lack of funds by offering fill-statistic from various operators. Best of all, it will publish the HASH of the game’s results to the blockchain before the game starts.

TruePlay TPLAY Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Ticker: TPLAY
  • Pre-Sale: April 15 – April 30
  • Token Sale: May 15 – June 30
  • Soft Cap: 3000 ETH
  • Hard Cap: 43000 ETH

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