Trust Funding

The traditional crowdfunding models have their challenges. Firstly, the project owners do not provide information to the investors on the progress of the projects they invest in. Many of the crowdfunding projects are also involved in a high level of fraud risks due to significant computation errors made regarding the projects value and success.

The absence of universal standards is another problem as most of the transactions use different back-end technologies. The diversity is good for the innovation, but it also causes difficulties in the resolution of problems, as there is no compatibility among the developers. These elements lead to a lot of uncertainty in the traditional crowdfunding market, and investors view the traditional crowdfunding campaigns as unreliable.

What Is Trust Funding?

The Trust Funding Platform TFP was formed to address these and other challenges found in the current crowd-funding environment. The platform wishes to increase trust by registering new projects that pass the self-verification process, business review, and fraud review process put up by the TFP platform. The platform is user-friendly and intuitive. It is the ideal fundraising tool that can resolve all the problems faced by creators who are trying to realize their ideas.

How Trust Funding Crowdfunding Crypto Works

Investors will be able to participate in the funding of projects on the platform within minutes. The TFP also has the Trust Funding Insurance TFI that will be offered to members of the Trust funding association TFA. The TFI is an essential component for investors who fund verified businesses. Although the TFA experts will conduct audits, evaluation, and verification of the companies, the platform also prepares for a worst-case scenario by the use of the trust fund insurance. TFI is provided to all investors without additional charges. 70% of the investment principal is preserved in case the crowd-funding project fails, and almost 50% is preserved at the maximum if the ICO funding fails.

The crowdfunding experts that are part of the program will provide technological solutions, advisory services, smart contracts among other services demanded by the investors. The platform protects investors through the TFI program and also gives diversified types of utility through TFP

The platform also has the TFC Holders Club that aims to reward the investor's trust for the services provided by the trust-funding platform. The rewards are in the form of Trust Funding Coins (TFC). The members of the club enjoy the following benefits

  • After an ICO is completed on the trust-funding website, up to 5% of the raised funds are distributed to the club members depending on their equity share.
  • If the TFC club members invest in companies that are fraudulent, the TFI will reimburse the investors up to 70% of their principal.

Trust Funding Token TFC Coin ICO Details

About trust funding coin ICO On TFC:

  • Token Symbol: TFC
  • Token Sale Starts: May, 2018
  • Token Sale Ends: Jul, 2018
  • Token Standard: ERC-20
  • Soft Cap: 1.4 Million
  • Hard Cap: 14 Million

The Trust Funding Plataform coin (TFC) is the investment coin of the TFP platform. It is created from the Ethereum blockchain and complies with the ERC-20 standard. During the crowd sale, 280,000,000 TFC that represents 70% of the total available TFC coins will be distributed from 1st August 2018. The initial exchange ratio of the coins will be $1,000=20,000 TFC. The minimum amount an investor can purchase is TFC worth $100

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