TrustedHealth TDH ICO Review

TrustedHealth is a patient and doctor-centered healthcare system based on the blockchain. Find out how it works today in our review.

What is TrustedHealth TDH?

TrustedHealth, found online at, aims to link patients with leading specialists around the world. The goal is to provide specialized medicine to anyone willing to pay for it worldwide.

A pre-sale for Trusted Health tokens begins on March 20, with a crowdsale on March 27.

The platform’s primary goal is to give patients the freedom to access leading specialists worldwide. Transactions on the platform are performed using Trusted Health tokens, or TDH.

How Does Trusted Health Work?

Trusted Health relies on a system called PatientLink, described as “your digital medical record”. That record is already used by patients around the world.

Trusted Health aims to combine that system with blockchain technology and a digital token called the Health Token to create a holistic network of services and focus on finding the best methodologies to deliver better health outcomes for patients with life-threatening diseases anywhere in the world.

The Health Token is an engagement reward coin that offers access rights and subsidized rates on products and services on the platform.

Another key part of the Trusted Health ecosystem, is called Trustedoctor. Trustedoctor is a global virtual platform in specialized medicine, allowing patients worldwide to connect with specialized health practitioners. Here’s how the whitepaper explains it:

“Trustedoctor believes that everyone who experiences a life-threatening disease deserves control over their treatment. Trustedoctor gives patients a choice and a direct link to world-leading doctors and specialists, matching their specific needs with a doctor's’ corresponding specialty and enabling interactive consultation on a virtual platform.”

Features And Benefits

Trusted Health advertises all of the following features and benefits for participants in the ecosystem:

For Patients, Users, And Patient Organizations

  • Health Tokens will be the currency for virtual consultations and other ecosystem services
  • Health Tokens will be the currency for health insurance that covers specialized medicine
  • Patients can earn rewards in Health Tokens for sharing and disclosing data for research purposes
  • Patients can receive a reward based on their work on the ecosystem

For Partners And Institutions

  • Health Tokens have voting power in ecosystem decisions
  • Health Tokens are the currency used for Trusted Health’s data storage system
  • Trusted Health allows partners and institutions to pay for access rights to be part of the secure and decentralized data storage that is regulatory limited (especially for hospitals and clinics)
  • Partners and institutions can pay to access system data and research data on the ecosystem

What Problems Does TrustedHealth Seek To Solve?

Obviously, Trusted Health isn’t the only ecosystem seeking to implement blockchain into healthcare technology. What makes Trusted Health different? What problems does it seek to solve in the existing marketplace? Here are some of the problems identified in the Trusted Health whitepaper:

  • “The right medical expersite is not in one place” [sic], explains the official website
  • “High misdiagnosis with around 20% of patients around the world with up to 45% relating to cancer”
  • “There is a lack of collaboration and transfer of knowledge between medical practitioners globally”
  • Limited access to population health data for medical research
  • Inconsistent rules and permissions for accessing patient data
  • Widespread fraud and abuse of patient data

With these problems in mind, Trusted Health seeks to create a platform that provides better patient data management. Trusted Health wants to be a trusted platform that allows patients to securely share their data with trusted parties while also accessing specialized knowledge from around the world.

The TrustedHealth TDH ICO

The Trusted Health ICO begins with a pre-sale on March 20, 2018, followed by a crowdsale on March 27. There’s a minimum contribution of 1 ETH for the pre-sale, with no minimum contribution required for the crowdsale.

There will be a total supply of 300 million TDH tokens. 150 million tokens will be available during the ICO at a price of 0.00006 ETH per token. There’s a soft cap of 1,000 ETH and a hard cap of 7500 ETH for the token sale.

Of the total supply of tokens, 50% is allocated to the token sale, 30% for the team, and 20% for the company.

Who’s Behind TrustedHealth TDH?

Trusted Health is led by founder and CEO Greg Jarzabek, a UK-based entrepreneur who graduated from Harvard Business School.

Greg founded Trusted Health in December 2016. Prior to founding Trusted Health, Greg worked as the Head of the Corporate Credit Trading Desk at Mitsubishi UFJ Securities for 8 years. He previously worked as an associate at Merrill Lynch.

TrustedHealth TDH ICO Conclusion

Trusted Health is a blockchain-based holistic healthcare ecosystem that primarily aims to allow patients to connect with specialized medical doctors worldwide.

The token sale for Trusted Health tokens (TDH) begins on March 20, 2018. TDH tokens are used for all transactions within the Trusted Health ecosystem.

To learn more about the platform and its goals for healthcare, visit online today at


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