What Is Trustier?

Trustier has been designed as an online benchmark platform for trust, this is all thanks to the Trustcoins developed to be used as the currency on the platform. Each individual om the platform has a trust tier, but this has been based on the amount of coins that have been received or withdrawn on the platform.

The tiers on the platform have been designed to serve as a level of trustworthiness on the platform, which either be used in an offline or online exposure as either a branding or marketing tool. At the same time this will be auditable in the blockchain based register. As a result, the Trustier platform has been made to be the ultimate step in accomplishing distributed trust.

Trustier Advantages

Trustier has been designed to be a world of trust, essentially the company wants to be the benchmark of trustworthiness this is both for the individuals and also organizations in the market. They would like their platform to be a tool that could be used when people think of applying for a job, buying, hiring, selling, renting, trading, loving or even when making donations.

But this is not all as the company would like to do all this in an inclusive way. The company is focused on creating a platform for trust and acknowledgement instead of naming and shaming. All this to be combined with references and feelings. As a result, all are welcome on the platform as long as you are looking to improve your reputation in the long run.

The Trustier platform has been designed to be used by both individuals and organizations. For the individual users it will give each person a way they can receive and also give trust and it will work as a proof of trustworthiness to others.

For the organization users they will be able to use it to either give or receive trust to the clients, representatives or even their suppliers. All this will help in improving revenue, risk management purposes and also to assist organizations in developing HRM-reporting tools.

The company has also gone ahead in creating the platform on the Beta live. The Beta live version has been launched but they are not stopping here as they are working hard in improving and extending its functionalities, to make transactions much smoother for the users.

How Trustier Trustcoins Work

When on the platform and you receive Trustcoins, ensure that you send them wisely, and in the event that you break someone’s trust on the platform you could lose the coins. The platform works a little different unlike the other regular websites that are cornering the net. As a result, this provides you with an interesting view on your current network of friends, business partners, family, colleagues and clients.

The good news is the Trustcoins can be used in multiple ways. It is from reference when you want to enter a new business agreement, token of appreciation, if you would like to manage you online reputation, background check when you want to rent a house, and many more.

Trustier TTT Token & ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Symbol: TTT
  • Token Sale Date: TBD
  • Token Price: 1 ETH = 11,600 TTT
  • Accepted Payment Method: ETH
  • Token Standard: Ethereum
  • Soft Cap: 4 Million
  • Hard Cap: 20 Million

Trustier Conclusion

The Trustier platform has been designed to ensure users invest in the world of trust. A social platform that has been designed to change the way we share and show out trust as a result this will help in building your reputation.

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