The world of job recruitment is often facing challenges that border on trust issues between the employers and job seekers. The problems are often due to the human factor of handling the process which is less than secure. Apart from the corruption and fraud, there are cases of the job hiring process having massive tampering on the part of the recruiters. While these look like problems from over the years, the most significant surprise is that they are very few solutions aiming to tackle this problem.

Luckily the prowess of blockchain technology has exponential strides in basically every industry known to humanity. The next process to get us on blockchain trend is the recruitment process, and we get to review a blockchain solution that could make the difference in how you get to hiring options in your career path. If you are always looking for employment opportunities, then get to learn on how the next venture plans on becoming the backbone of global job recruitment.

What Is TrustLogics?

TRUSTLOGIC is a global recruitment platform that will work under the decentralized nature of blockchain technology to offer job seekers and organizations to source for an employee in a decentralized and authentic manner. The blockchain ecosystem will further harness the technology to allow for users to seek professional data that will go into ensuring the correct candidate for the job gets selected. For the recruiters and job seekers, they also get to directly interact with one another instead of the traditional use of recruitment agencies.

The Hiring Process

There are several problems that TRUSTLOGIC aim to solve in the world of hiring and its plans to achieve this through the use of blockchain technology. TRUSTLOGIC will entail the following features to ensure it reaches its goal.

  • A peer-to-peer hiring model that will work under the TRUSTLOGIC algorithm to match recruiters to the most suitable jobseeker on the TL ecosystem
  • Reputation building system that combines the data on a job seeker (education, employment, and skills to rank them with other peers within the TL ecosystem
  • Digital Portfolio of ISPs-the ISPs will provide access to the digital portfolio making up the reviews and ratings of the job seekers.
  • Smart Verification platform for recruiters looking for additional information regarding a job seeker.


  • Scan and submit option for job seekers to upload their CVs through QR code
  • A network to connect the recruiters and job seekers
  • Block domains that will allow for limits on the type of jobseekers who the recruiters want access to the job positions
  • Availability status to ensures there is no missed job opportunity
  • Permissions for both users, with the job seekers allowed to check on recruiter groups and authorize access to job history data.
  • Verification-the smart verification system within TRUSTLOGICS will allow users to verify the recruiter's profile and authenticate their job requests.

The Verdict On TrustLogic

The world of hiring has a lot of desire and a long way to go if it is genuinely aiming to make the process more efficient. Therefore, ventures such as TRSUTLOGIC could make the difference in finally eliminating how people have access to job recruitments. However, the most significant challenge with the investment as with any new technology is to indeed get the participants within the hiring world to warm up and adapt.


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