Trustroot And MedChain Partner For Blockchain Electronic Health Records Security

Trustroot and MedChain partnered to create a health record platform. The former platform is a blockchain security protocol, the latter an electronic health platform. The partnership is aimed to protect patient records by preventing fraud, phishing attacks, and cyber threats. Ultimately, patients should feel secure and confident as transactions are conducted.

According to Joachim Sandgaard, MedChain’s CEO,

“Given the importance of an individuals’ healthcare record, customer protection is a must, and we are excited to be partnering with Trustroot to keep our customers save.”

With the blockchain, MedChain will be able to provide users with a more secure and transparent framework for Electronic Medical Records (EMR). With better maintenance and use of records, patients may be able to receive better care. Additionally, the move may be able to reduce healthcare costs as well.

Sayan Zadeh, Trustroot’s CEO added,

“Medchain is a great project that democratizes healthcare records for all patients. We are excited to see our technology providing more users increased safety and security for such a vital technology.”

With Trustroot on broad, instances of theft, fraud, and the like may be mitigated. Its protocol is responsible for identifying the trustworthiness of the business interactions on the blockchain.

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