What Is Trybe?

Trybe is a new tokenized knowledge sharing economy that intends to create a platform of decentralized intelligence. The company’s motto is that “everybody has something to teach, everybody has something to learn”, meaning that anyone can use the platform to learn or to teach something to the community.

The goal of this company is to become one of the most respected platforms for people who are seeking information of quality and advice for blockchain and crypto-related activities and business from verified sources.

How Trybe Social Intelligence For Content Creators Works

Trybe has devised many ways in which you can be paid for sharing your knowledge with other people from the platform. You can, for instance, be paid for content creation by creating posts and charging for them. You can also create free content if you will.

Even free content can be monetized because the platform shares its ad revenue with the creators of the content, so receiving traffic can also be profitable for you. You can give trading advice, create short of long videos about cryptocurrency or just articles that are up to the highest quality standards and make money from them on the Trybe platform.

Another way to earn profits from your content is by creating a subscription. Your followers will be able to pay to receive your content online, so the more popular you are on the platform, the better it will be for you.

Trybe’s Reputation System

To ensure that people are always trustworthy on this platform, Trybe has created a reputation system. Users who are able to verify their provides and prove that they really know that they are talking about will get more reputation.

Also, they will receive reviews made by other users, which will help in the creation of the system. Only the top creators of content will appear on top of the platform, ensuring that the people who are more qualified will be able to earn more profits from the platform and that the people who are looking for knowledge will find it more easily.

Trybe Features

Trybe has many features that its users might like. One of them are aggregated features about the Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and tokens. These reviews enable you to see many different opinions about investments before you actually spend your money.

Another option, this one for content creations, is paid promotions. If you really want to profit, you can always pay for visibility, this way you can reach a wider audience and promote yourself.

Finally, Trybe also has a job board in which you can look for work in the cryptocurrency market and a crypto simulator that will work to simulate how a real exchange will act in the market, which can be very useful for people who are deciding in which tokens they should invest next.

How To Use Trybe

To be able to use this platform, you need a profile and a way to pay for the services or to receive, meaning that you need a credit card or crypto wallet. Your account can be created with email and some information, but verification will require more documents. If you are planning to produce content, you should verify your profile.

The beta platform of the company will be released on July 2018. The company intends to release the final version of the site until the end of 2018.

Trybe ONE Token ICO Details

Trybe will sell ONE tokens to create its platform. The initial circulation will be one billion tokens and 100 million additional ones will be created every year. The company will also make airdrops during the first six months of the platform.

At the moment of this report, the company did not have a set price or a date for the Initial Coin Offering of ONE tokens.

Trybe Verdict

This looks like a fine platform for people who are cryptocurrency experts and have experience providing content to sell. While the platform is still months away from being finished, you should keep an eye on it if you might be interested in the marketplace that Trybe has to offer.

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