April Fool’s is a day full of pranks and jokes that consumers around the globe are taking part in. To make this day more fun, several companies have taken a fun twist on cryptocurrencies by launching their supposed coins of interest. The plot twist in all this is catching the prank itself rather than falling for it. This is where Tumblr, a social media and publishing platform’s prank, the Tumblcoin comes into play.

To poke fun at today’s drastically fluctuating markets, the CEO of Tumblr has created a fake coin that embodies solutions to current existing problems. The first claim made is said to assure high quality flow of memes and posts, ensuring that the market is stable. The second claim is that there is no cap as to the number of Tumblcoins that can be mined and flowing in circulation.

Most importantly, those who are not sure as to how to use such coins in a real-life context will finally know as Tumblcoins are said to come handy in making purchases within the Tumblr community! When the CCO of Tumblr was asked to elaborate more on their coin, many responses were not clear, which might have hinted out it as simply fake.

Altogether, Tumblr had its fun at pulling the Tumblcoin prank, as it emphasizes the limitations of existing cryptocurrencies. Their pure involvement, especially in considering miners, the market, and its uses will certainly have many giggling!

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