Turkey Inaugurates First University Blockchain Center

The first University blockchain center of Turkey i.e. the Istanbul Blockchain and Innovation Center (Blockchain IST Center), was inaugurated this month at BAU (Bahçeşehir University).

The aim of the regulation and the center is to bridge the gap in the market which will make the blockchain technology, a cryptographic database. By applying this practice, it will be more efficient in tracking the digital transactions in all the areas.

The Center is aiming to use the same technologies which the world is already using in the blockchain field with a purpose to work with students and entrepreneurs whom all are involved in the academic studies in the targeted area.

Bora Erdamar Vision for the blockchain technology

According to Bora Erdamar, the Director of Istanbul Blockchain and Innovation Center said in one of his interviews that their expert team from Turkey along with the team from the rest of the world will be doing the worldwide projects in blockchain technologies at the center.

The team members will be getting an opportunity to work with many important figures from the business world.

The Blockchain IST project which is to be carried by the Center of research and development and Innovation in Turkey is most important as they will be researching scientific studies and publications at the blockchain platform. To make it successful it is very necessary to cooperate with other Universities, the business world, and the government institutions.

Bora further went on saying the importance of this place and that Istanbul is a prestigious place in the world where he aims to make Istanbul Blockchain and Innovation Center which would benefit everyone who is interested in this technology.

The Istanbul Blockchain and Innovation Center at Bahçeşehir is the first research and innovation center in the country that has been established within a university.

Bora praised Turkey in his interview and comparing it with rest of the world, told the media that in the world of digitalization Turkey may have the opportunity to take lead in the blockchain technology.

This is the opportunity that Turkey has got to become a leader in the blockchain technology and help to serve and transform the humanity. That is the reason that Turkey is trying to lead the business with the help of such centers. He concluded his speech by saying that Turkey will adopt this blockchain technology and will help the other country becoming the market leader.

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