TurtleBC Review

Are you familiar with the Turtle Trading Strategy? In loose terms, it is a new platform called the TurtleBC system. The primary purpose of this system is so that you can purchase when a market exceeds its highest price for a certain number of days that follow. So, when a price is lower than the lowest low for a period of days prior to that.

This system is designed so that it is able to resolve a common problem called the ‘Disposition Effect’. This allows investors to sell shares when a price increased but simultaneously keep the assets that have the lowest value.

This is made possible because it captures info on the big trends and gives you the information when you need it most. Sure, this is the market after all so losing some money is part of the game, but it can help you earn a lot more money over the long term. This of course is best for those in it for the long game.

How Does TurtleBC Work?

When you are connected with TurtleBC, it will send you trading signals through your email advising you on when to buy and when to sell. Again, this is designed for investors who are focused on the long term. And, the system will cost you around $60.00 per month or alternatively, $600.00 for a year.

There is some debate that this is priced high, however we can leave that up to the individual.

Those opposed to that will say that when we are talking about long term it means that a member using this system should only have to wait and hold until a specific price is met. The truth is, there really is no exact science to this. The target value can fluctuate over time and we have seen this a lot of the cryptocurrency space.

Let’s talk about the daily signals for example – this is meant more so for the short-term investors. Since the daily signals are sent out every four (4) hours it is possible that in a shorter time the market has already changed. To respond to that, the thirty (30) minute signals are set to launch into the markets soon. In addition, more cryptocurrencies will be added that as well are currently not listed.

Who Is Responsible For TurtleBC?

Honest answer is that we are not sure yet. It is speculated to be a smaller developer who is unique to these platforms. Time will tell and more importantly, we will have to see if the endorsements from larger players come into play here.

Final Thoughts On TurtleBC

When we consider the signals being sent to you to help you earn money and the supply of many resources that do not require a monthly or annual fee, this could be a system you want to watch. Only time, will tell.

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