TurtleCoin TRTL ICO Review

If the “crazy life of a blockchain (and its doyens) never stops,” then that of TurtleCoin is on an insane path right now. And that’s why its developers love issuing weekly reports!

Why Such A Witty, Intriguing Name?

While taking a closer look at the TurtleCoin TRTL (and why the heck its developers sat and chose such a name), one thing you’ll probably run into is this coin’s Medium.com page. Forget the intriguing fact that most of those who contribute to the development of the algorithm of this cryptocurrency have “thick, luscious beards,” there’s more to laugh about.

The story of its development doesn’t only reveal the two lead developers’ penchant for booze, but also the reason for the creation of TurtleCoin.

What’s TurtleCoin?

It’s safe to say TurtleCoin is indeed a fun, fast, and easy option for sending money. Picture this; guzzling down gallons and gallons of Red Bull, throwing a party for the 5,000 development crew to celebrate TurtleCoin turning two months and later surviving the 187000 algorithm change isn’t a mean feat, right?

But the story of its development isn’t a lot different. Born on the 9th day of December 2017, TurtleCoin faced a backlash from a couple of online forums, not because it had such a funny name, but since its initial single command line and included TRTL giveaways. Luckily, TurtleCoin of about three months later is grown a lot and has various versions compatible with Apple, Windows and Linux OS.

Uniqueness and Features of TRTL Cryptocurrency

After getting used to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Dash, Monero and those popular altcoins, maybe it’s time you try out TurtleCoin. After all, it isn’t your ordinary type of cryptocurrency:

  • Super-easy mining – if mining cryptos is your thing, but you hate how hectic it often becomes, then you’ll find some solace mining TRTL. Since it comes with its own CPU miner and can still be mined using other mining software, it can be a perfect choice to mine.
  • Fast transactions – it claims to create blocks after every 30 seconds, unlike the average 10 minutes, which makes it complete transactions at terrific speeds compared to BTC and BCH!
  • Privacy – if you know the high levels of privacy guaranteed by Monero and Aeon then be sure each TurtleCoin transaction as the same high level of tight-knit privacy as the two, unless you make it open!
  • Flexibility and Convenience – it’s hard to get a coin that’s as convenient and flexible with different devices and OS as TurtleCoin. It supports the big three Operating Systems, and with mobile, you can create a secure wallet and use it in minutes!
  • Community – drawing its inspiration from its free-spirited developers, the community is as welcoming as you would imagine.
  • Support – as the Medium.com updates suggest, TurtleCoin’s terrific rate of growth is just impressive.

There’s a Catch!

Away from this fun and inclusive information about TRTL cryptocurrency, you can actually gather a few free TRTL coins for free if you paste your TRTL address on the TurtleCoin faucet.


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