What Is Tushmine?

The Tushmine platform claims to be an excellent investment opportunity to get into, as they claim they are able to offer a 2% profit each day. But a quick payback system has not adequately been put in place, so you might have this investment in your account but withdrawing it might prove a task.

A platform that is offering a day profit needs first to ensure that payback system is working adequately, as investor like withdrawing their cash without having it accumulate for too long.

How Tushmine Crypto Cloud Mining Service For Rewards Works

The company has ensured they have put in place an affiliate program, to ensure your lure in more investors to their platform. A platform we do not feel too confident in investing in. The program has been designed with two levels, the first level will earn you a profit of about 10%, while the second level earns you 5%. The profit that you earn will be credited to your account.

So once you are registered on the platform, the company has made three types of currencies available, that is Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Litecoin. Once on the platform, you are able to start mining immediately, well this is once you have logged in into your account.

Tushmine Conclusion

The platform has ensured they have put in place very attractive returns, getting a 2% profit on a daily on the amount you have invested in the platform is something many investors would look forward to. But without an adequate payback system sounds a little worrying to get into.

A company that has not taken the necessary steps to have the best system in place is very worrying, especially in this volatile market. If you feel the 2% profit per day is a risk that you are willing to take on, then we advise you invest cautiously.

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