Tutellus Boosting Education With Blockchain Review

Tutellus Basics

Operating since 2013, Tutellus utilizes the EdTech Platform to revolutionize education by making learning more accessible and reducing poverty through blockchain technology. Cryptocurrency in the form of the TUT token incentivizes users to learn and improve their skills, allowing them to increase productivity and gain better work opportunities.

Tutellus puts out challenging content with the aim of increasing education and skill levels by rewarding consistent studiers with tokens and network connectivity through the platform for higher chances of getting a job. In this way, it addresses one of the critical contributors to global poverty: the fact that you cannot simultaneously earn money while studying.

The Tutellus Solution

Through the Tutellus platform, participants are paid to study with the TUT token. To increase the amount of accumulated tokens, simply study and learn more. Similarly, students’ recognition scores will increase with their studying, which increases their visibility throughout the community. As both teachers and companies also hold stakes and actively contribute, they can see which students are excelling and connect with those holding their desired skill set.

All students benefit, as well as contributing companies and teachers. A pool of tokens exists at all times to be distributed to those most active within the network, providing points of entry through the token market. Once connected, students and teachers operate for free and gain tokens with higher participation activity to gain relevancy and exclusive services.

Student benefits include: earning money by studying, connecting with innovative companies, and improving skills. Teacher advantages include: earning money from high student performance, relevancy, and subscriptions, as well as access to specialized incentives. Companies participate to find valuable potential employees and to invest in the growing company.

With a few years of operation already undertaken, Tutellus is considered one of the most important decentralized, online platforms in the world and is recognized as the leading educational platform in all Spanish-speaking countries.

Currently, Tutellus has improved the skills of over 1 million students and completed more than two million transactions. The TUT ICO is scheduled to last until March 31, 2018 and accepts Ethereum.

The Tutellus Team

With over 100 years of working experience between them, the Tutellus team is specialized in technological engineering with additional support from advisors with specific work in the blockchain and token economics.

As one of the leading companies on tokenomics, Tutellus operates on a multi-layered model focusing on token functionality, distribution, governance, and workflow to avoid the inevitable crash of ICO’s used as mere fundraising methods.

Similarly, several large organizations and companies have supported Tutellus since its inception in 2013, indicating its continued growth and improvement.

Tutellus Boosting Education With Blockchain Conclusion

By allowing people to earn money while studying, students can boost their educational levels and increase their skills for the opportunity to find jobs that earn more money. With this structure, Tutellus is aimed at decreasing global poverty by allowing those of all economic classes to increase their earnings and improve their lives.

For this reason, it seems that the Tutellus community is not focused on simply earning money but on actually improving education and creating a community dedicated to learning and teaching.

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